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Vivo V27 PRO PUBG/ BGMI Graphics, FPS and Performance test

Table of contents
Here is a quick BGMI test of Vivo V27 Pro phone, here we check its performance with graphics setting and fps, temperature and battery etc.
Vivo V27 PRO PUBG/ BGMI Graphics, FPS and Performance test
Here we have v27 pro to check its performance with bgmi or pubg mobile game, we will also look at some other important aspects. So first of all let's have a look at its specification.
  • Chipset

    Dimensity 8200

  • Varient


  • Display

    6.78" 120Hz AMOLED, HDR 10+

  • Battery

    4600mAh Li-Po

Vivo V27 Pro BGMI graphics settings and FPS

Since this phone is powered by Dimensity 8200 processor which is powerful processor so it should provide best performance and graphics, but vivo v27 pro supports extreme or 60 fps only on smooth graphics setting and ultra or 40 fps on balance, HD and UHD along with smooth graphics setting.
As you already know pubg or bgmi is not available in india so it can't be optimized for this game so it doesn't support 90 fps in bgmi game.

Vivo V27 PRO PUBG or BGMI Mobile performance

I played BGMI in TDM and Classic match in which I saw consistent 59 to 60 fps throughout the match but sometimes I saw 6 to 7 drop in fps which is at the time of landing and fight with players.
And at the maximum setting which was Ultra frame rate with UltraHD graphics setting, it also gave its best performance, which delivered a consistent 38 to 40fps during the match, and the graphics were realistic as well.

Vivo V27 PRO temprature and battery performance

so i played bgmi game for 1 hour 5 minutes in this phone and i saw battery drop only 16% so battery wise performance is good because all phone consume same power, and front and back temperature is 40.8°C and was 40.1°C respectively which is also a normal temperature rise during gaming.


so overall performance of vivo v27 pro mobile is good while playing BGMI but it is not optimized to give 90 fps in BGMI game due to unavailability of this game in india it is possible that any future update will add 90 fps option in this phone.

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