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IQOO Z7 5G BGMI/ PUBG Graphics, FPS, performance test and review

Table of contents
Here is the best phone under 20000 in which we are going to play pubg or bgmi game to see its graphics setting and performance
IQOO Z7 5G BGMI/ PUBG Graphics, FPS and performance test | Gaming phone under 20000
Is IQOO Z7 5G a game changer phone under 20000? Let's find out, in this phone we are going to run PUBG Mobile to check its performance. So we will see whether this phone is good for playing games or not. So let's know the specification first.
  • Chipset

    Dimensity 920

  • Varient


  • Display

    6.38" 90Hz AMOLED, HDR 10+

  • Battery

    4500mAh Li-Po

  • Price

    Rs.18999/- INR

IQOO Z7 5G pubg FPS and graphics Setting

IQOO Z7 offers very satisfactory graphics support in this price range, it supports Extreme or 60fps on Smooth graphics setting, while 40FPS or Ultra frame rate on Smooth, Balance, HD and HDR graphics setting.
It supports maximum graphics setting up to HDR and it is sufficient in this price range. This phone's display has 90Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate, so it will smooth your gameplay

IQOO Z7 5G PUBG MOBILE or BGMI performance

First i tried TDM match on smooth+extreme graphics setting in which it easily maintain consistent 58 to 60FPS during match and no lag issue or crash observed.
Then I played a classic match in sanhok and erangle map one after one, and in sanhoke map it gave impressive performance, I have seen many phones which have frame drops in this map but even on landing this phone easily manages to deliver 57 to 59fps, But I saw 54fps in Erangel map when a squad attacked me, other than that the overall performance is great
Next I played on HDR and Ultra frame rate setting with monster mode keeping ON, and with this mode the performance seems quite smooth but this mode consumes more battery and uses CPU, RAM more than normal mode. The graphics are also good in HDR setting as shadows and textures are all good.
Gyroscope : If you are a gyro player then this phone will not disappoint you. I did not noticed any lag in the gyroscope and it is smoother than other phones in this price range.

IQOO Z7 5G Battery consumption and Temprature rise

After playing bgmi for 1 hour 10 minutes it consumed only 17% battery which is pretty good for 4500mAh battery. And the front panel temperature was 41°C, while it shot up to 40.4°C on the back panel, which is also normal in this summer season. I have seen many other phones whose temperature rises so much even in cold weather.

should you buy IQOO Z7 for Gaming

This is going to be a recommended phone from my side as this phone is offering quite impressive performance in this price range. So if your budget is less than 20000 then you can blindly buy this phone.

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