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Redmi Note 12 Pro BGMI/ PUBG graphics, FPS and performance test, supports 90FPS?

Table of contents
Here's the Redmi Note 12 Pro BGMI/ PUBG FPS, Graphics and Performance Test. and does it support 90fps in pubg mobile.
Redmi Note 12 pro BGMI/ PUBG graphics, FPS and performance test, supports 90FPS?
Redmi Note 12 series has been launched in few regions out of which we have Redmi Note 12 Pro phone in which we will know about graphics settings, FPS of BGMI/ PUBG MOBILE and will also knw how it performed throughout the match.
Redmi Note 12 Pro is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1080 processor built on 6nm technology and features a 6.67" 120hz, FHD10+, OLED, AMOLED display.

Redmi Note 12 Pro BGMI/ PUBG MOBILE test

We have 6GB RAM and 128GB storage which costs Rs 21,668 in total as it imported from outside the region. The price of this phone will be reduced when it is launched in India.
  1. Graphics settings

    The Redmi Note 12 Pro supports Low, Medium, High and Ultra frame rates on Balance, HD and HDR graphics settings, while Low to Extreme frames on the Smooth graphics setting. This phone does not support graphics setting above HDR.
  2. FPS, Does it support 90fps?

    Redmi Note 12 Pro does not support 90fps gaming as it is not optimized for it yet, it supports a maximum of 60fps on Extreme and 40fps on Ultra frame rate graphics setting. In future updates this phone can achieve 90fps in pubg mobile.
  3. Performance

    This phone performed well throughout the match as it delivered 58 to 60 continuous FPS in Erangel map, Yes sometimes a drop in FPS is normal as it can be caused by various issues like, network and too many players at the same time, other than battle royale mode Common to issues, it also delivered 55 to 59 fps in a TDM match.


Redmi Note 12 Pro supports maximum HDR graphics setting with Ultra frame rate and it doesn't support 90 fps yet but it may be optimized for it with future update.

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