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POCO X5 PRO 5G pubg/ bgmi graphics, fps and full performance test and review

Table of contents
Here is the detailed review and performance test of Poco X5 Pro 5G phone with graphics and FPS setting
POCO X5 PRO 5G pubg/ bgmi graphics, fps and full performance test
Today we have Poco X5 Pro 5G phone in which we are going to test PUBG or BGMI game.
This phone is powered by snapdragon 7786 5g processor which is best suited for this phone and it comes with following specifications.
  • Processor

    Snadragon 7786 5G

  • Varient


  • Display

    6.7" 120Hz AMOLED, Dolby vision HDR 10+

  • Price


POCO X5 PRO 5G pubg graphics and FPS Setting

Poco X5 Pro 5G supports Extreme FPS or 60 fps on Smooth graphics setting and Ultra or 40 fps on Balance, HD and HDR graphics setting, and unfortunately these are the max graphics settings available in poco x5 pro 5g phone.
At present no phone in this price is giving 90 fps in bgmi or pubg mobile game. So for now enjoy your game at 60 fps.

POCO X5 PRO 5G pubg or bgmi performance

The phone maintained a steady 59 fps on Smooth graphics settings in TDM and Snohok maps, delivering a consistent 59 FPS. while 54 fps at jump time which is quite normal in snahok map and the overall performance of this phone in the game was good.
Next we tried it on max setting which is HDR graphics setting with ultra fps so graphics look great, and with TDM match the performance of this phone was so impressive as it maintained 39 to 40 fps consistently throughout the match .
The gyroscope of this phone works well in every setting and I think the gyroscope of this phone is very good and smooth

Screen recording with gaming in POCO X5 PRO 5G phone

The max frame rate for screen recording is 30fps, that means it can only record screen video up to 30 fps.
We tried the pubg mobile game with screen recording on at smooth graphics setting and high frame rate, and we saw a maximum of 40 fps only while playing a classic match in Erangle map and I think this is the worst performance offered by this phone so this phone does not perform well in gaming with screen recording on.

Battery and temprature

I played PUBG Mobile for 59 minutes and it only drained 15% battery which is quite normal. and The front temperature of this phone has reached 40 degree Celsius while the back temperature was 39.6 degree Celsius and the room temperature was 28 degree Celsius. and You should not worry about the temperature as this is normal temperature all phones easily reach this level on moderate gaming.

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