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Best sniper guns in COD MOBILE with fastest ADS time, Push your rank in season 9

Table of contents
Best sniper guns in COD MOBILE with fastest ADS time
Sniper shot is the most enjoyable thing in gaming, every headshot with sniper rifle gives the most satisfaction, but this satisfaction is only when you have the right skills in sniping, but what if you can't find the right gun then you don't Gotta master sniping, but don't worry, I've been playing cod mobile for a long time I'll tell you the best snipers in Call of Duty: Mobile Game with the fastest ads and reload times.

Things a good sniper rifle should have

The best sniper rifle is known by its characteristics, a good sniper rifle should have a fast firing rate and ADS time so that the player can shoot the enemy immediately, and must have high mobility so that the player can move quickly while holding the gun, Range is another factor that a rifle should have to hit a distant enemy.
So I will tell you about the sniper rifles which have these characteristics at peak.

Best snipers in COD: MOBILE

  1. SVD

    SVD sniper rifle
    SVD is one of the best snipers in cod mobile, it has the fastest ads time firing rate, and reload time, and most of the players use this rifle while playing tournament because it is the best rifle in cod mobile. aspect.
  2. LOCUS

    LOCUS sniper rifle
    The Locus is the second most used gun in Code Mobile, its firing rate and ADS time is slightly slower than the SVD rifle, but it has 15% more damage than the SVD rifle.
  3. M21 EBR

    M21 EBR
    If you want more options when choosing a sniper then this is the best replacement for Locus, its specifications are similar to Locus so you can try this rifle in the game too, but it has 4% less damage and range than locus rifle.
  4. ZRG 20mm

    ZRG 20mm
    This sniper has a damage rate of 95%, but you should use this rifle when you snipe while standing in one place, as it has the worst mobility and firing rate, so if you play the game while running then Avoid using this sniper gun, I have seen many noobs who play the game by hidign themselve, so this sniper rifle is for them.


If you play games fearlessly and face the enemies and have fast control on the screen then SVD is the best sniper to use, it is also recommended for noobs to improve skills in sniping. If you play the game by hiding yourself in the game then every sniper gun is best for you.

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