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Nothing Phone 2 BGMI/ PUBG Graphics , FPS, Heating, and gaming test

Table of contents
A comprehensive review and gaming test of the Nothing Phone 2, focusing on BGMI/PUBG graphics, FPS, heating, and performance
Nothing Phone 2 BGMI/ PUBG Graphics , FPS, Heating, and gaming test
In this post, we delve into the gaming capabilities of the Nothing Phone 2 and its performance with BGMI/ PUBG Mobile game. We analyze the graphics quality, FPS stability, heating, battery performance, and overall gaming experience to determine if this device is a worthy companion for avid mobile gamers.
First, let's explore the specifications of the variant of this phone chosen for testing BGMI/ PUBG mobile gaming performance
  • Processor

    Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

  • Varient


  • Display

    LPTO OLED 6.7" 120Hz, HDR10+

  • Battery

    4700mAh, 45W

  • Price

    Rs.49,999/- INR

Nothing Phone 2 BGMI/ PUBG FPS AND Graphics Setting

The Nothing Phone 2 offers various graphics and FPS settings for BGMI/ PUBG Mobile gameplay. It provides support of extreme frame rates at smooth, balanced, HD, and HDR graphics settings.
Additionally, it offers ultra frame rate support at ultraHD graphics setting, which is impressive considering it covers all graphics settings.

However, it is disappointing to note that the phone does not support 90fps gameplay. This limitation may be a drawback for gamers seeking the highest possible frame rate for a more immersive and responsive gaming experience. Nonetheless, the phone's support for other graphics settings and frame rates can still provide enjoyable gameplay for users.

Nothing Phone 2 Gaming Performance

The gaming performance of the Nothing Phone 2 was evaluated on different graphics settings. On the extreme + smooth graphics setting, the phone performed well in TDM matches with minimal frame drops of 1-2. However, the gameplay was not entirely smooth, and there were noticeable frame drops during landing in Erangel matches.

Switching to the max setting, we conducted screen recording while using the ultra + ultra HD graphics setting. Surprisingly, the overall performance remained similar to the normal setting. Although we still encountered 5 fps drops during landing, the graphics quality noticeably improved.

Battery drop and temprature rise

After a gaming session of 1 hour and 5 minutes on the Nothing Phone 2, we observed a battery drop of 19%. It is worth noting that the phone's front temperature reached 38.5°C, while the back temperature measured 36.4°C. In comparison, the room temperature during the test was 30.7°C.

Is Nothing Phone 2 for Gaming?

Considering the limitations observed during testing, such as the absence of 90fps support and less-than-smooth gameplay, it is difficult to recommend the Nothing Phone 2 as a dedicated gaming device. Furthermore, when comparing it to other smartphones available at a lower price point, it becomes evident that this phone falls short in terms of gaming performance.

For users seeking a device primarily for gaming, it is advisable to explore alternative options that deliver better performance within a similar or lower price range. While the Nothing Phone 2 may still provide an acceptable gaming experience for casual gamers, those who prioritize smooth gameplay and advanced features should consider alternative choices.


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