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GTA 6 Features Revealed: All You Need to Know So Far

Table of contents
Get the latest on GTA 6 features and updates - stay informed about the game's exciting developments and new features
GTA 6 Features Revealed: All You Need to Know So Far

GTA 6 is the most anticipated game for GTA players, and they have been eagerly awaiting it for a long time. Fortunately, we now have some solid information about this game, obtained from people who have seen GTA 6 in production. Let's reveal these features

GTA 6 Features

  1. Set in a vast city, with the possibility of adding new cities.
  2. Two main playable characters, Jason and Lucia, with fast switching between them (faster than GTA 5).
  3. Each character will have their individual inventory system, and a shared inventory system is under testing to be included in the final game based on the test results.
  4. Carrying heavy weapons like rocket launchers will take multiple slots, and without a bag, you can only carry one big gun, some throwables, and a pistol.
  5. A double bag may increase inventory space, but it is not confirmed.
  6. Jason possesses a sixth sense ability that can reveal special or hidden items when he enters shops.
  7. Carrying food and drinks will consume inventory space, though it's not confirmed if they will heal players like in GTA 5. Instead, players will need to carry medicines and first aid kits for healing.
  8. The graphics will have more detail, making the game visually clearer.
  9. Conversations with NPCs will be more immersive, and NPCs will react differently as you walk by, depending on whether you are playing as Jason or Lucia.
  10. Playing as Lucia may result in male NPCs catcalling her, and players will be able to handle and carry bodies, though the specific mechanic is not confirmed.
  11. Players can shoot while crouched, but it's not confirmed if shooting while prone will be possible.
  12. The game will feature more detailed clothing and visual effects like visible sweating, blood, and dust.
  13. The Life Invader social media platform from GTA 5 will return, and GTA 6 will be set in the same universe as GTA 5.
  14. A confirmed social media platform called "What's Up" will be present in the game.
  15. There will be some sort of hovercraft in the single-player mode, resembling the Vortex from pre-GTA 5.
  16. Certain locations will have CCTV cameras, and players may be pursued by security guards if caught on camera.
  17. The type of cars spawning will depend on the player's location, similar to GTA 5's mechanics.
  18. The game will offer a wider variety of items compared to previous GTA titles.
  19. To pick up a bag of cash, players will need to locate it and press the pickup button.
  20. A feature similar to Red Dead Redemption 2's ability to switch shoulders while aiming will be included in GTA 6.
  21. Players will have increased access to interior spaces in buildings, opening up more locations for potential robberies.
  22. The shop robbery system will be more advanced, featuring a timer on the screen.
  23. Stunt jumps will return, and players will be able to drop weapons.
  24. Players can sit in the back of a truck and shoot behind while being driven.
  25. The map will include a location called "Kington Hotel," where random events known as "Cop Traps" can spawn, leading the police to set up traps to catch the player.
  26. Each lobby will accommodate up to 32 players, which may disappoint some players.
  27. A location called "Grass Rivers" will allow players to use hovercraft and interact with animals.
  28. Players will be able to aim their guns while underwater.
  29. The game will not have dedicated servers, which may be seen as bad news for some players.
  30. Nightclubs and strip clubs will return to GTA 6, with one club called "Jack of Hearts" being notably larger and more elaborate than those in GTA 5, featuring multiple bars, poles, private and VIP sections, and more.
  31. The game will feature a functional metro system called "Vice City Metro" that players can ride around in.
  32. While sitting in a pickup truck as a passenger, players can lean out of the window and shoot in a full 360-degree direction.
  33. A noise cancellation system will be implemented for both outdoor and indoor settings.
  34. The sound of guns will be more realistic and improved compared to GTA 5.
  35. Players will be able to lock pick certain buildings, adding a new item and mini heist mechanics at the docks.
  36. A new option called "Intimidate" will be available when aiming at NPCs, providing the option to make them surrender.
  37. The game will feature inertia, and players can shoot behind them with a proper turn-around animation.
  38. Players will have the ability to tie hostages.
  39. Car engines will emit smoke after colliding with objects.
  40. The existence of a 5-star or 6-star wanted level is not confirmed.
  41. After a robbery, the vehicle used in the crime will still be recognized by the police if the player hops into it.

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