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Top 6 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023 | Boost Your Career

Table of contents
Discover the most sought-after programming languages to learn and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape
Top 6 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023 | Boost Your Career

Looking to kickstart your career in programming or aiming to become a professional self-taught developer? This article presents the top 6 programming languages you should learn in 2023. Based on StackOverflow's developer survey, these languages are in high demand and offer promising job opportunities with competitive salary packages. Let's explore the rankings and their key highlights to help you make an informed decision on which languages to focus on.

Top 6 Programming Languages to Learn in 2023


    Python is the most popular, in-demand, and easy-to-understand object-oriented programming language in the world. It is an ideal language for machine learning, data science, and web development. Python offers numerous job opportunities, especially for data scientists and AI developers, with high salary packages. Highlights:
    • Easy to understand and learn
    • Used in web development, GUI development, machine learning, and data science
    • High demand globally
    • Offers high-paying jobs in data science and machine learning

    JavaScript is the most used programming language in web development. It has a high demand in the market, with around 95% of web applications relying on JavaScript. It is an all-rounder language for both front-end and back-end web development, and it supports a wide range of frameworks. Highlights:
    • Powerful and highly required programming language
    • Mainly used in web development, game development, and website scripting
    • Top frameworks include AngularJS, ReactJS, and VueJS, with jQuery being a popular library
  3. C++

    C++ is a powerful and robust programming language widely used in game development and software development. Its close proximity to hardware makes it advantageous for game development, as it increases device speed. With many games and embedded systems relying on C++, there is a high demand for C++ developers. Highlights:
    • Close to hardware, resulting in fast performance
    • Mainly used in game development and software development
    • High demand for C++ game developers
  4. SWIFT

    Swift is a powerful and highly demanded programming language in the Apple ecosystem. It is the primary language for developing iOS applications. If you aspire to work at Apple, learning Swift is recommended as their devices and software are predominantly built using this language. Highlights:
    • Powerful programming language
    • High demand in the Apple industry
    • Used for developing macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS applications

    Kotlin is a modern and lightweight open-source programming language that has gained significant traction in the Android development community. It offers a more concise and expressive syntax compared to Java, making it easier to write clean and readable code. Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java, meaning you can seamlessly use Kotlin and Java code together in the same project. With Google actively promoting Kotlin as the preferred language for Android development, learning Kotlin is highly beneficial for aspiring Android developers. It provides access to the latest Android development tools, libraries, and frameworks, and offers better productivity and developer experience compared to Java. Highlights:
    • Modern and lightweight programming language for Android development
    • Offers concise and expressive syntax
    • Full interoperability with Java
    • Preferred language recommended by Google for Android development
  6. JAVA

    Java is a widely-used programming language that has been a staple in the software development industry for many years. It is primarily known for its extensive use in Android app development. However, with the emergence of Kotlin as an official language for Android development, Java's dominance in this field is gradually diminishing. If you want to secure a job specifically in Android development or work with legacy Java codebases, learning Java can still be beneficial. However, considering Kotlin's rising popularity, it may be more advantageous to prioritize learning Kotlin for future Android development. Highlights:
    • Historically dominant language in Android app development
    • Still relevant for maintaining legacy Java codebases and securing Android-specific jobs
    • Increasingly being replaced by Kotlin in new Android projects
What You Should Learn Before Learning a Programming Language Conclusion:
These are the top programming languages with high demand in the market. You can choose to learn these languages based on your interests and career goals. If you aim to work at Google, mastering Java or C++ is recommended as interview questions often focus on these languages.

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