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Vivo T2 5G BGMI/ PUBG Graphics, FPS, performance test and Honse review

Table of contents
Experience optimal PUBG graphics & performance with Vivo T2. Check my recommendation for the ultimate test

In this review, we'll take a deep dive into the Vivo T2 5G's performance and graphics capabilities, specifically in relation to playing popular mobile games like BGMI and PUBG Mobile. We'll also evaluate its value for money, battery performance, gyroscopic controls, and sound quality to see if it's a worthwhile investment for avid mobile gamers.

first look at its specifications and varient

  • Processor

    Snapdragon 695

  • Varient


  • Display

    6.38" 90Hz AMOLED

  • Battery

    4500mAh, 44W

  • Price

    Rs.18,999/- INR

Vivo T2 5G BGMI/ PUBG graphics and FPS Setting

The Vivo T2 5G offers decent graphics support with 40fps or ultra frame rate on Smooth and Balanced graphics settings and up to 30fps or high frame rate on HD graphics settings, which is the highest setting supported by this phone. However, it falls short of supporting 60fps, which may disappoint gamers looking for a smoother gameplay experience. Despite this, the phone's 90Hz refresh rate and 360Hz touch sampling rate can still contribute to a smoother overall gaming experience.

Vivo T2 5G PUBG MOBILE or BGMI performance

In terms of performance, the Vivo T2 5G struggles to maintain a smooth gameplay experience. During TDM, the phone maintained a range of 35 to 40 fps, but the gameplay was not entirely smooth.

In classic matches on Erangel, there were no frame drops during jumping but significant drops occurred during fights, dropping to 20 fps, which significantly impacted the overall gameplay experience.

Even during fights with a single person, the Vivo T2 5G's fps drops from 40 to 25, and when fighting with a squad, there are noticeable drops to 20 fps. Overall, the phone's performance is quite disappointing, particularly for those who demand smooth gameplay.

Gyroscope performance : The gyroscope on the Vivo T2 5G appears to work well when there are no enemies around, but there is a noticeable delay in performance when enemies are present. As a result, the gyroscope's performance may not be suitable for gamers looking for a highly responsive and accurate control experience.

Vivo T2 5G Battery drop and temprature rise

After one hour of gaming, the Vivo T2 5G's temperature rises to 42.6 degrees Celsius on the front side and 41.9 degrees Celsius on the back side, which is slightly higher than other phones. However, the phone's battery drop of 13% is better than other phones in comparison, which is a positive aspect of its performance.

Should you buy vivo T2 5G for Gaming

While the Vivo T2 5G may be a suitable phone for normal use and camera functions, it is not recommended for gaming due to its disappointing performance and graphics setting support. While the phone's temperature and battery performance may be decent, the significant drops in fps during fights and delays in gyroscope performance make for an unsatisfactory gaming experience. Therefore, this phone is not recommended for serious gamers who demand optimal graphics and smooth gameplay.

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