Project Q Lite, SONY’S NEXT PLAYSTATION HANDHELD? when is it coming?

Here are all the details about Sony's next handheld console, it's release date and features
Project Q Lite, SONY’S NEXT PLAYSTATION HANDHELD? when is it coming?
Sony reportedly working on its new hardware handheld Rumors are rife on the internet that Sony is working on a hardware code-named Q Lite, which could be its new hardware handheld.
playstation handheld will be a mobile shaped device with controller like ps5, or we can say it is stretched controller with screen in the middle.

Playstation handheld requirements

This new device from Sony will require a stable connection with PlayStation 5, it will provide features like cloud based gaming, but it will be very different from cloud gaming, PlayStation Handheld will not be a cloud gaming device, but it will work like that by connecting Your playstaion 5 console to it. Your ps5 will handle your all gaming load while the handheld console will take input and show the output on the screen.

Playstation handheld specifications and features

  • Display

    8-inch LCD touchscreen

  • I/O

    An audio input jack, Volume buttons, Speakers

The PS Handheld flaunts an 8-inch LCD touch screen in the middle that supports 1080p resolution streaming at 60 fps, and all other gaming essential ports like haptic feedback buttons, audio jack, speakers, game controller buttons, volume buttons, etc. .

Playstation handheld Release date

Project q lite is currently in development and may not arrive this year, so the handheld is targeted for an early 2024 release, it will arrive before the ps5 pro console
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