Resurgence is coming soon in Al Mazrah map of warzone mobile 2.0

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Here are the release date and other details of this new mode Resurgence in Al Majra Map
Resurgence is coming soon in Al Mazrah map of warzone mobile 2.0
Resurgence mode is coming to Al Mazrah, the original map of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 game, so you should be ready for it, it will be optional, that means you can toggle between classic and resurgence mode. It is not that this mode will cover the whole map, only some area will be allowed in which players can play, outside of that area will be full of radiation also called as zone in which if you stayed long you will die.
Yeah! it will be open for few days or day in a week in which players can enjoy this mode.

What is Resurgence Mode?

The number of players in this mode will be less in than in the classic mode of the game, Resurrection is a fast playing game mode in Warzone 2.0 in which players can respawn after they die, you can play in this mode with your squad and score more points than others to win the match, this match will have time limit in which the team with top score till the end of time will win the match.
Since the mode is special it will be unlocked for certain days or a day in a week.

Al Mazrah Resurgence Release Date

Call of Duty confirmed the release date of Resurgence Mode in Season 3 of Warzone 2.0 as Wednesday, April 12, 2023, via its official Twitter handler.
After this mod, Call of Duty is also planning to bring new mods and features in Warzone Mobile 2.0 to impress its players.
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