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Sony is bringing two AAA 3D games to mobile devices, here's everything we know so far

Table of contents
one PlayStation 5 game and one new AAA game coming to mobile devices from Sony, here are the complete details about both these AAA games made by sony.
AAA Games for mobile by sony
Mobile gaming has a huge commercial potential which has a direct example of pubg mobile game which earned billions from mobile gaming, so such huge potential in mobile game industry cannot be ignored by big companies like Sony, We have already seen that there has been so much growth in mobile games, examples of which are Apex Legends, Cod Mobile etc.

Upcoming AAA 3D Mobile Games from Sony

PS5 AAA Games for mobile
According to rumors sony is working on two AAA 3D games one of which is a known IP AAA 3D action adventure game this means this game will be remake version of any PS5 game for mobile, it can be the last of us/ Spiderman or god of war ragnarok, etc., And another one is unknown IP AAA 3D RPG game, means it will not be remake of any previous game and will have new concept, graphics, weapons, characters etc.
Both these games are in development using unreal engine, if we talk about unreal engine then it is considered to be the best game engine for mobile games, some famous games has already made using this engine one of them is The PUBG mobile.
PS5 AAA Games for mobile
So these Games will have best graphics and physics which all gamers want.
These games are currently in the early stages of development and are likely to come officially by 2025.
AAA Games for mobile by sony
One of these games may be paid as per rumor, but in my opinion both games should be free to play, as paid games earn money only once and lack other monetization features, whereas Freebies have other monetization options. Once a great man said "if the product is free then you are the product", that's how earn free games.

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