Free Fire Max and Call of Duty Mobile is going to shut down soon, here is why?

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Here are all the details about the closure of COD Mobile and Free Fire Max game.
Free Fire Max and Call of Duty Mobile is going to shut down soon, here is why?
Call of Duty and Free Fire Max both games are very popular games all over the world, as you already know if you are a gamer, but we have sad news for the players of these games, as companies work to increase their market value and earn money which makes them take such decisions, like closing the games, it is not that you will not get anything in return, you will get!
so below is all the details

Why COD Mobile is going to shut down?

why cod mobile is going to shut down?
As you may have already heard about the Warzone Mobile announcement and its closed beta testing already underway in select regions, So in that situation we will actively have two games in the mobile games market with similar features from same company, then the situation will be such that the activision will have to compete with their own games, and no company will want that.
And there will be a situation where gamers will be on both the platforms, Due to which it would be natural to stop one of the two games because the maintenance cost of one game would remain the same but the earning from that game would not be that much, and no company will accept wasteful, then activision will divert both the players to the same platform, then obviously COD Mobile will have to be closed to do this.

why Free Fire Max is going to shut down?

As you are already familiar with this game, and also get shocked that why a company is going to shut down such a successful and big project, so the Brazil server of Free Fire Max has been closed since 21 March 2023 and this The game will not receive any updates or bug fixing updates in the future, and slowly Garena is shutting down its servers in every region.
The reason behind this is believed that Garena has planned another project for its player, due to which Garena is shutting down Free Fire Max. Anonymously Garena is working on another big project which is in development and may be finished soon, according to rumors the project may come out later this year.
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