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IQOO neo 7 pubg/ bgmi graphics, fps, full performance test and review

Table of contents
should you by this phone for pubg mobile or bgmi? let's review the performance of IQOO neo 7 phone with graphics and FPS setting, battery, temp. etc.
IQOO neo 7 pubg/ bgmi graphics, fps, full performance test and review
Here we have iqoo neo 7 indian version which claims 90 fps in pubg new state but here we check its performance for pubg mobile or bgmi with graphics settings and all details like fps, temperature and battery performance etc Will be included. and then we will discuss why and why you should not buy this phone for pubg mobile.
This phone has Dimensity processor while its previous model had Snapdragon processor. So let's check its the performance.
  • Chipset

    Dimensity 8200

  • Display

    6.78" 120Hz AMOLED, HDR 10+

  • Varient


  • Battery

    5000mAh with 120W fast charging

  • Price


IQOO neo 7 pubg/ BGMI graphics settings and FPS

The iqoo neo 7 supports 60fps or Extreme frame rate with Smooth graphics setting while it supports 40 fps or Ultra frame rate with Smooth, Balance, HD and HDR graphics setting.
So, this phone does not support 90 fps in pubg mobile or bgmi, And it supports maximum HDR graphics settings.
So it is disappointing because IQOO neo 6 is capable of 90 fps in pubg mobile or BGMI but it is not, But we should get it in future update because iqoo neo 6 also got 90 fps support after getting software update.

IQOO neo 7 BGMI or PUBG Mobile performance

The phone delivered a steady 59 to 60 fps on the Smooth + Extreme graphics setting in a TDM match, while we saw drops to 50 fps and 45 fps while landing on sanhok and Erangle maps respectively, I also noticed a 10 to 15 drop in fps while spraying on other players in the Sanhok map and the same in Ernagal map.
At max setting :- Now We set the graphics to max which is Ultra frame rate on HDR graphics setting and screen recording and gaming booster are also on.
The phone performed well at this setting as the graphics at this setting are very good and it delivered a stable 40 fps in the TDM match, we didn't see much drop in fps which we saw in normal graphics settings.
so the performance of this phone has improved in Max setting and gaming booster has also played a good role with this setting.

The gyro was on at every setting and match which performed well without any drop in performance.

IQOO neo 7 temprature and battery performance

I ran BGMI on this phone for 54 minutes in which it drained 14% battery and the front temperature reached 40.3°C while the back temperature was 39.7°C. That's why the battery performance of this phone is good and the temperature is also normal.

should you buy IQOO neo 7 for gaming?

As this phone is not supporting 90 fps in pubg mobile while iqoo neo 6 is supporting it, so if you want to play pubg game at 90 fps then you should wait for software update in this mobile in which update may be it can support 90 fps, on the other hand it performs well on other aspects, so if 90 fps gaming is not a big issue for you then you can go with it.

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