DC has the best time to beat Marvel and take its place in the hearts of audiences around the world

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Here are the reasons DC might beat Marvel and why Marvel is losing its loyal audience and why Marvel is creating content for child audiences.
DC has the best time to beat Marvel and take its place in the hearts of audiences around the world
Remembered those days when every scene of Marvel movie gave you goosebumps? We all miss the days when our real film-maker stan lee used to make movies for his loyal audience, We can clearly See A Decrease In The Quality Of Marvel Shows After Stan Lee's Death, You will really miss Stan Lee as an old Marvel fan.
If we look at the recent shows of Marvel we will feel that the producer of these shows are a child/ teen and the main character of the show does not have the attitude that a main character should have as we have seen in stan lee's movies like iron man, captain America, Logan the Wolverine etc..

Marvel should not repeat what bollywood did

In the past, Bollywood also had a place in the hearts of the audience Because in that era this industry used to give us back to back superhit and story rich movies, and then Chhapri/ immature producers came to the fore who started making content for chhapari and immature audience Which directly target religions and movies also have no story and logic we can only see cringe which makes me think the writer and producer of these movies story is a community of tiktokers, Due to these antics Bollywood almost lost its loyal audience and now the industry is struggling to get back the budget of its films Since Chhapari audience is not going to theaters and loyal audience is already lost.
And now the same thing is being repeated by marvel which we can clearly see in the recent shows of marvel which are clearly made for immature audience.
So I would suggest to marvel to don't lose his loyal audience and create cringy content which is already available on social media platforms we are tired of seeing big coontent from coontent creators (if you know what i am talking about).

How DC can grab a place in the hearts of Marvel fans

As a mature viewer, you will urge to see a story rich and greate attitude of the main character, that DC has not yet failed to deliver us those content-rich shows except for one or maximum 2 shows, so Marvel This situation created by gave an opportunity to Zack Snyder to make great movies for DC Universe.
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  1. The reason is not only chhapari audience but the views gained by cringy shorts on social media may be Marvel has inspired from there.