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Jio Cloud Games launched in India, everything you need to know about it.

Table of contents
jio cloud games launched in india here is everything we know so far about pricing and AAA games like GTA, cod:mw2, forza horizon5, halo infinity etc.
Jio Cloud Games launched in India, everything you need to know about it.
Reliance Jio is working on cloud gaming from about 7 to 8 months and recently Jio has released its beta version, cloud gaming has a bright future so Reliance is investing in it, and India is already lacking this service but now Jio has brought it to India, Like once Jio launched its 4G sim, the data consumption increased in India and there was a craze of internet in India, now probably there is craze of gaming is about to come in India.

what is jio cloud games

Potentially gamers may be aware of this but for those who are not, they must first know about cloud gaming, i.e. - cloud gaming is the way of playing games without downloading them to our devices, all the computing happens on servers, Where the games are hosted, we just give instructions through our game controller or our own device, we only need one device be it a mobile, pc, tablet etc and a solid internet connection to play the game on the cloud. And there is not much service like cloud gaming in India only few services are available due to which the price is very high, so jio has brought it in India which is known as jio cloud gaming.
With the help of this service, you will be able to play AAA games like PUBG, FORZA HORIZON, Halo infinity, Modern Warfare 2, GTA 5 etc. on any of your devices.

Jio cloud games and NVidia GeForce Now Collaboration

NVidia GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service which was not available in india but now 'geforce now' has come in india in association with reliance. it is not officially confirmed but some of the games available on 'jio cloud games' are taken from 'nvidia gefroce now' So it is more likely that these two companies are associates.

Games on Jio Cloud Games

As of now there are less games listed on this platform as it is now in trial mode, Reliance is checking whether it is working properly or not. We will have more games listed on this once the development of this platform is complete.

List of games listed on Jio cloud games

  1. Yooka Laylee
  2. Tifeuf Mega Party
  3. Wonder Boy - The Dragons Trap
  4. Vikings Brothers V
  5. Victor Vran
  6. The Last Tinkers
  7. The Bluecoats North & South
  8. Who wants to a millionaire
  9. Syberia 3
  10. True fear forsaken souls 2
  11. Toki
  12. The Uncertain Light at the end
  13. The Uncertain Last Quiet Day
  14. The Sisters - Party of the year
  15. Rad Rodgers Radical Edition
  16. Pure_Farming _2018
  17. ATV Drift & Tricks
  18. Saints Row III
  19. Runelord
  20. Pile Up! Box by Box
  22. New Yankee 6
  23. Koh Lanta
  24. Robinhood Country Heroes
  25. Redout
  26. Urban Trial Tricky
  27. True fear forsaken souls
  28. Kingdom Come Deliverance
  29. Kill it with fire
  30. Ice Age Scrats Nutty Adventure
  31. Grip Combat Racing
  32. Gods Trigger
  33. Garfield Kart Furious Racing
  34. Flashback
  35. Fights of Gods Blast
  36. Steel Rats
  37. Silence
  38. Shadow Tactics - Blades of the Shogun
  39. Saints Row IV
  40. Fights of Animals
  41. Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness
  42. Super Sportst Boyard
  43. Dino Dini's Kickoff Revival
  44. Deliver Us The Moon
  45. ClusterTruck
  46. Chariot
  47. Castles
  48. Blacksad Under the Skin
  49. Ben 10
  50. Beholder
  51. Among The Sleep
  52. Fights of Animals Arena
  53. Escape Game For

Is Jio Cloud Games free?

Currently, jio cloud has released the beta version which is free, that is, you can play the available games for free. Currently it has less games, and is in development but when its full version will be released with more premium games, you will have to pay to play that game, while still you will be able to play these free games which are listed now.

Jio Cloud Games pricing

jio will do what it did for its 4g jio sim first will give test of jio cloud gaming then paid service will be available but price will be lower than the other cloud gaming services available now.

Jio Cloud Games requirement

You really don't need things you can't afford to play games on the cloud. jio cloud games requires a device be it mobile/pc or tablet and a solid connection to the internet. Your game will lag if you have a slow internet connection. It does not require any high-end device, just make sure that you have a device that can browse without hanging, while other rest of the computation will be done by the server that has nothing to do with your device .

GTA 6 on Jio Cloud Gaming!

yes it will be possible to play gta 6 in jio cloud games but it will not be available right after its launch we have to wait atleast one year for gta 6 game on this platform till then we have gta 5 and modern warfare 2 like other PC games.
Once the deals with major gaming companies and 'Nvidia GeForce Now' are done, we'll be able to play more PC and console games on our mobiles and tablets.
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