How to get free youtube subscribers in just a click

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here is the solid way to get your first 1000 subsicribers and 10,000 views on youtube in just one month.
If you have just started youtube channel then you may find it difficult to increase subscribers on youtube, because getting subscribers on youtube is difficult for those people who do not understand youtube algorithm, but here I am going to tell you all the solid ways so that you can complete your 1000 subscribers and 10,000 views on youtube in just one month.
The trend of YouTube is increasing day by day because everyone wants to earn huge money from YouTube, but in such a situation, the race to get success on YouTube is also increasing, But don't worry if you work properly with below tips you will get only 1 month to be successful on youtube.

steps to get first 1000 subscribers on youtube for free

  1. Set up your channel

    First of all you have to setup your youtube channel like a professional channel, this includes the following things
    • channel logo

      Your channel should have a brand logo so that people can easily identify it
    • Banner image

      It is also recommended to add a banner to your channel which is located behind the channel logo.
    • Video watermark

      this appears when someone watches your video on youtube, it reminds viewers whose video is being watched, so put this in your channel's branding tab
    • Basic Info

      This tab has channel name, youtube handler which you have to choose for your channel, description - which describes about your channel so complete it, and link - which you want to appear on your channel
    • channel setting

      You should add keywords for your channel and do basic settings as per your wish like auto caption, clip video etc., and verify your channel with phone number
    If you don't have any knowledge how to do above then below link have tutorial to do so.
  2. Create serious content

    This is the main thing which you have to do seriously because this is the reason for which viewers come to your channel, you have to make your video like a professional for which steps are given below.
    • Script

      This is the main part of your video, prepare a copy of the script you are going to tell in the video and do not put garbage in the script, which has nothing to do with the video, put relevant information in the video. I would suggest you to watch some famous youtubers so that you can learn from them how to convey information.
    • Recording

      You should record your video in high-quality format and the video should not be slow or shaky, to record your video you can use any phone that can record video in high quality, and if you record gaming videos then use a good screen recorder so it can't spoil your video.
      Tips to Record video
      • Write a paragraph on the big board so that you can read it, it should be in front of your eyes and behind the camera (if you want to record yourself telling)
      • be in the video or use animation when conveying information, gamers can use their game play
      • Be confident while recording video
      • Use high definition voice recording for which you can use dedicated mic or earphone
      Best phone for recording videos for youtube
    • Editing

      This is also an important step in video making, you have to cut out all the garbage from your video and clip it into useful information, use special effects and transitions if needed.
    • Export

      Export your video in minimum 1080p resolution
  3. Upload video to youtube

    After exporting your video, now it is time to upload your video on youtube, you should keep in mind the following points while uploading your video on youtube.
    • Thumbnail

      This is the image that will appear on youtube page before playing video, So make sure it should be of high quality and full of information because 90% of viewers click on your video through your thumbnail.

      Don't Clickbait views on your videos through thumbnail

    • Title

      It contains information of your video which matters a lot for youtube algorithm to reach right users please enter correct information in your title within word limit.
    • Description

      Video description is useful for users as well as youtube algorithm to deliver your video to right users, here you can define your video and give useful link to viewers.
    • Tags & Categories

      Enter relevant tags in your videos, don't add irrelevant tags if you do this your channel will have low quality in the eyes of youtube algorithm, and don't forget to categorize your videos which can be gaming, entertainment, etc., so that your Get the right audience for the video
  4. upload your videos frequently

    If your videos are professional then you should upload at least 3 videos in a month, otherwise, you can upload your video as soon as you want but in the rush of uploading you should not spoil the quality of your video, Because quality matters more than uploading frequency
  5. Promote your video

    This is optional step, if you have money then you can use google ads to promote your video otherwise you can share your video with right audience.

Free youtube subscribers

From above explanation now you get all strategies now you just have to click on upload button with above written strategy then you will get lots of free subscribers in a month. You should not end up following this strategy just after getting your first 1000 subscribers, you have to follow it as long as you are on YouTube as a publisher.

Things you should not do with your channel

If you want to become a successful youtuber then you should not do these things.
  1. Do not share your video

    This is the biggest thing that you should avoid doing when you are a new channel, when you share your video with wrong audience, the audience will not watch your full video, which reduces the reach and retention of your video.
  2. Do not Clickbait

    Avoid getting views through clickbait if you want your viewers to return to your channel again.
  3. Do not Use pay to subscribe

    You should never use this service, I have seen many new YouTubers who have made this mistake, it has a negative effect on your channel, also you will get subscribers who have nothing to do with your channel, so Avoid buying subscribers from anywhere, if YouTube comes to know about this, then YouTube can remove your channel from YouTube.

What are your ultimate goals for YouTube?

Now, see what your main goal is. What do you want to achieve with your channel? Then, consider how YouTube makes money for you.
  1. Engaging With Your Audience

    Being an active contributor on YouTube doesn't just mean creating and providing your own content. You also need to connect with your audience. How you engage with your audience will directly affect how many people you attract.
  2. Getting More Views on Your Videos

    Why is YouTube video marketing such a popular topic? In many ways, it's simple. People love videos! Videos are easily shareable, easy to create and fun to watch. So why not create some videos and share them with your audience?
    However, getting more views on your videos is a bit more complicated than just recording and posting them. You can use the right analytics tools to find out what your audience is looking for. It's common for people to watch different types of videos, so make sure your videos are the right type of video for the type of people you're trying to reach.
    If your audience is men in their 20s, making videos related to men in their 20s will probably do better than making videos related to family, for example.

Common questions

How to Get 1000 subscribers in one day?

If your goal is to get 1000 customers in just one day then you will need google ads with lots of credits in it. Once you promote your video through google ads it should reach at least 2 million from where you will have the possibility to earn 1000 subscribers.

is there any hack to get subscriber fast

No! There is no hack to increase subscribers so fast, if you use subscriber-buying service then it will have negative effect on your channel, But if you have a lot of money then you can promote your video through google ads.

highest youtube subscribers in india

T-Series is one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in India and also in the world, with 231m+ subscribers.
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