how to earn money online in india for students

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Here are the best ways to earn money for students in India, and also earning apps to increase your earning
how to earn money online in india for students
Money is the biggest problem for students if they are from a lower-middle class family, I am also from a family where we can't do or buy things we like due to which we can't enjoy our life And the biggest thing is that we cannot ask our parents for money because they do not have it. Although money does not play any role to enjoy student life but it becomes very difficult for introverted lonely students to enjoy their life without money I know this because I am also an introverted lonely student. Money is needed to buy gadgets, food to maintain body weight and many other things to enjoy student life.

What you should not do when it comes to online earning


I struggled a lot to find the best way to earn money from online sources, the reason is the algorithms used in search engines, search engines consider those sites which write a lot in their articles, so content writers are their Articles I am forced to dump unwanted sources, But I don't care because I am writing this for my student brother because I am one of you. So consider these methods given below to earn money online. and trust me i have mentioned only responsive methods for students.


Online earning is not a matter of hurry, here you have to wait for at least 3 to 4 months by being dedicated towards work. So if you can't keep patience for 6 months then don't come in this field

Best ways to earn money online for students

  1. Teaching

    This is the best way with less competition. You can teach for lifelong or for short time, trust me we still need best teachers on platforms like youtube and udemy.
    You can make youtube channel and teach on youtube or sell your courses on udemy, if you work properly then it will take 5 to 6 months to get success on youtube.
  2. Blogging

    Blogging has a lot of competition with high revenue but we still need good content writers who can write blogs for visitors and not for search engines. You can write about any topic that you can explain properly. Then you can monetize your blog website with ad networks like adsense and
    Keep in mind it will take a lot of patience and hard work.
  3. Affiliate marketing

    Affiliate marketing is not a different job, it is a way to monetize your website, here you have to create a website, youtube channel or a social media account, then you have to paste affiliated link of products on your webstie, youtube channel or social media account. If someone makes a purchase from your shared link, you will get a commission. You can use affiliate programs from e-commerce websites like Amazon.
  4. Coding

    Coding is an ultimate source of income as it has vast areas using which you can get paid.
    These are the following methods that you can use to pay through coding.
    • Upload your free projects on your website or youtube
    • give tutorials of projects or coding
    • make projects of other peoples and get paid from them
    • sell your source code or projects
    • Participate in coding contest and win them
  5. Gaming

    There are many companies that host gaming paid events in which top players get paid, or you can give tutorials of games and your skills and upload them on social media platforms. Their are many famous gamers who earn millions through their gaming skills, once you become popular then you will also have a chance to get the spnocerships from big companies like Asus and Intel gaming.
  6. Crafting

    When I was in my 12th standard I used to make RC things which took a lot of time so do it if have any craft knowledge and can be minimum 3 to 4 hours per day. You can make videos while making things and upload online, then you can sell your crafts on online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc

How to earn money online with google for students

There are two ways to earn money from google one is blogging and other is google reward program which i am not going to suggest this for students because it takes your 1 to 2 hours and only get 2 or 4 rupees as reward.
You can do blogging on your own site or on Google sites, it is your choice that what you will choose. If you really want to make your own separate platform then I would suggest you to make your own blog website otherwise you can prefer google sites.

online business for students to earn money

First you have to clear the understanding of business, so business is the technique to make profit between selling and buying. So you can use this technique in any field. Some suggestions I have are the following.
  1. sell Books

    You can buy used books for cheap and sell them for some profit on the ecom website.
  2. sell games copies

    First you have to buy game copy from gamers at low price then you can sell them in profit.
You can apply the above technique with any object in which you get benefit just do it.

online earning App/ websites for students, should you use it these?

I remember when I searched for this but I found it non beneficial for me. Because on these earning websites or apps on which we have to watch advertisements, refer friends, you have to complete many tasks and after working hard for the whole day, we get only 3 to 5 rupees. So if you are a student then stay away from this type of apps and website, they are totally wastage of time and life moments.

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