Avatar: The Way of Water full movie honest review

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Avatar The Way Of Water is available to watch in theators, here is the full review of Avatar 2 movies with all the necessary details
Avatar 2 download in hindi [480p, 720p, 1080p], full movie review
The much awaited film by fans has been dubbed in all major languages like Hindi, Tamil etc and released across the cinema halls in India on 16th December. There is an option to watch the movie in 3D and 2D but first, it will be available to watch in 3D format. If you want to see this movie then let's start some interesting things about this movie and my experience.
  • Director

    James Cameron

  • writter

    James Cameron, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, James Cameron, Amanda Silver, Rick Jaffa, Josh Friedman, Shane Salerno

  • producers

    James Cameron | Jon Landau

  • Release Date in theators

    16th december 2022

  • OTT Release date

    Not confirmed

  • budget


Avatar: The Way of Water: review

As you know how magical the graphics were in the earlier part of the movie, and now the technology has improved so much that you can imagine the craziness of VFX and CGI. This movie is recorded using sony imax 3d which uses fusion 3d camera with some special improvement in technology for this movie, This camera is so rare because there are only 6 models in the world that it costs around $16,000 to rent a week.
So let's dive into the honest review of this movie.


I'm not going to spoil the story, just take a few pointers, so the story picks up where the first part ended, in this part Jake Sully becomes the full Avatar who has 2 children of his own and 2 adopted children, the first In part one we saw Colonel Miles Quaritch was dead but he wasn't, I wasn't going to tell you who he was because you wouldn't get goosebumps if I told you here, but in this movie Colonel Miles Quaritch returns to kill Jake Sully's family.
This was the 6% of the story of the movie, I will not tell you the 100% of its story, because if I spoil it here, you will not feel that when you watch it in theatres.
I just want to say that the story of this movie is excellent, which is full of action, thrill, suspense and especially emotional.


If you remember the climax fight of Avatar 1 movie then that is nothing if we compare the action and fight shown in this part of the avatar movie. Climax scene of Avatar 1 was set in air but Avatar 2 has its climax scene set at unexpected place which I'm not going to tell.


James Camaron never disappoints us in this field, to make this movie more futuristic, James Camaron has made some new inventions for this movie.
Motion capture technology has been used to record the actor's expression in this movie, so the expression of the avatars looks so real. Avatar 2 movie characters like animals, avatars and creatures are more realistic than avatar 1 movie, VFX and CGI look so realistic, you won't be able to differentiate between reality

Acting/ Actors

Some new characters have been found in this film, for which CGI and VFX have been done properly and the acting has also been done well by the actors.


Avatar 2 is of 3 hours 12 minutes which should be more than this duration as this movie is full of magic, action and emotions so 3 hours is not enough for this movie.

Common questions

Is there any Negetive thing about avatar 2

There won't be a single negative point to the Avatar 2 movie if you use my eyes, but some people might report its story as usual.

can you watch this movie with your parents

I would suggest you to watch this movie with your family because this movie is full of science and emotion not nudity.

Should i watch this movie

If you are looking for a movie that can open your mind then I would suggest you to go watch this movie, so If you are planning to go to the cinema hall to watch this movie then get an extra ticket for your friend too, they will never forget what an experience they had there.
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