Nolan's Interstellar film now streaming in Hindi, watch/ download now

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Interstellar One of the Most Exciting Movies on Space is Now Available in Hindi, You Can Watch It Now
One of the most scientific films ever made on interstellar space, the film contains many scenes that were got scientifically correct later. The film was directed by Christopher Nolan and was not previously dubbed in Hindi, but now the film has been dubbed in Hindi due to worldwide success of the film.
The dubbing of this movie is absolutely fine, the interesting thing about this movie is that it is not available in Hindi on OTT platforms, This is not the right thing for those people who have OTT platform subscription, because they have to use following platform to watch this movie in Hindi that will be legal.

Interstellar story

The interstellar film is captured in the future, where dust storm begins to blow on earth, causing all the crops on Earth has swiped, the only remaining crope was corn that will soon die in the future, in this situation the humans will need to find a sustaible planet where humans can live.
So Dr. Brand, a NASA scientist, requests Cooper to pilot his spacecraft because Cooper was one of the best pilots ever, So Cooper started his space journey to save his children and he saw many planets where all scientists were sent to find a habitable planet but none of those planet was habitable for humans.
By this journey, Cooper has lost 2 of his team members, but in the end, Cooper decides to jump into the black hole, where he sees the 5th dimension, from where cooper Finds a way to send a signal to the daughter, so she can solve the gravity equation which was not solved by dr. brand in his lifetime.
Cooper was finally able to send a gravitational signal to his daughter, And his daughter was also able to solve that gravitational equation, then the copper fainted which Cooper's daughter later found.
One of Cooper's companions had successfully reached a habitable planet. And at the end of this movie, Cooper chases that girl.
This movie was a masterpiece which cannot be described in words so you must watch this movie to take it in your mind

Watch/ Download interstellar movie in Hindi

This movie is not available on OTT platform in Hindi dubbing but this movie can be downloaded in Hindi dubbing from website, which you can watch in Hindi with 480p/720p/1080p/2k quality.
To watch/ download this movie in hindi dubbing, you have to go to the website mentioned above and search for this movie in the website, after that you will get this movie which you can download or watch this movie
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