why is free fire so popular than other games? Main reasons for its popularity

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Here we are sharing the main reasons for the popularity of freefire game in some regions including India
why is free fire so popular in india
Ever played free fire game and uninstalled it after playing 3 or 4 matches as you might not like it, even this game has worst gameplay and graphics and still it is the most downloaded battle royale game on the playstore, while most of the Good games like Pubg Mobile, Cod Mobile, Apex legend, etc' are left Behind.
Same happened to me when PUBG mobile was banned in india and i then i played free fire as i heard it is also a battle royale game, then after playing 4 matches of this i was like - what the kuf it is , its character are like having a TB patient, and i got bored and removed it from my device.

Top reasons for Freefire popularity

This game is not popular for its game physics, gameplay and graphics. Below are the top reasons that make this game so popular.
  • child or immature players

    Most of its players are between the ages of 8 and 16, So this game has kids or immature players who don't have a better gaming test, and kids are a better way to advertise anything if they liked it. I have seen many children in my area who have advertised this game as a slogan.
  • Lack of good Device

    As you all know there is many dudes worldwide who can not afford costly mobile phones, and good games like pubg, cod etc can't run in devices with low specs, but free fire is the only battle royale game that can run easily on every android device with low specifications.
  • Easy to transfer

    Internet is another factor that makes this game so popular, as many of us get only 1GB data per day, so we don't waste our data to download large files or games, usually we get large files through sharing apps like shareit, shareme etc., but most of the games are hard to transfer in another device by using sharing apps but free fire can easily transferred using file sharing apps
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