PUBG X Dead By Daylight, Season 9 will bring new outfits and horrible characters to the PUBG game.

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pubg game season 9 update will bring new character in game here is all details about season 9 and pubg x deadlight
pubg x dead by daylight
Something Horrible is coming this season in PUBG game, which will empty your pocket, PUBG and Dead by Daylight Games are collaborating this season which will bring new skins and characters to the game which will be arriving in the month of October.
c3s9 will be released on 21 October 2022 which will bring new outfits to the game, with the main outfit being the character of Dead by Daylight game which will be available for purchase in the game from 21 October 2022.

How do you get dead by light game's character in pubg game?

With this new update in PUBG X Dead by Daylight game you will get Evan McMillan - Trapper as a main costume in the game, with this, the update will bring new gun skins and themes to the game
To get these skins and outfits of dead by daylight game you have to buy season 9 royal pass and lots of UC in PUBG game, after getting royal pass you have to advance your rank for which you will get new outfits on every new level, With UC there will also be an option to open premium crates in which you can get new characters, gun skins and costumes.
Evan Macmillan - Trapper is a terrifying character in dead by daylight game, which is coming to pubg game along with this character, this game will have a night theme in the map of game which will have zombies and other horrible things in the map.
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