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Nothing phone 1 Bgmi/ PUBG graphics, FPS, temprature , battery and performance test

Table of contents
Here we have nothing phone 1 pubG test in which we are going to test graphics settings, fps and all important aspects of this phone.
Nothing phone 1 Bgmi/ PUBG graphics, FPS and pubg test
There were a lot of hype for this phone in the market before the launch but here we are going to check its performance with pubg mobile game and look at the important aspects like graphics settings, fps, temperature, battery etc., then you can judge Whether this phone is made for gaming or not.

Nothing phone 1 specifications

  • Processor snapdragon 7786+
  • Display 6.55" 120Hz OLED, HDR 10+
  • battery 4500mAh
  • Ram 8GB
  • Storage 256GB
  • Price INR 34,999/-
This phone is powered by Snapdragon 7786+ which is a new processor.

Nothing phone 1 BGMI/ PUBG test

We have the 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM variant in which we are testing the following:
  1. Nothing phone 1 BGMI/ PUBG graphics setting

    Nothing Phone 1 supports Extreme frame rates on smooth graphics setting and low to Ultra frame rates at on balance, HD and HDR graphics settings. Higher graphics settings than mentioned are not supported by this phone.
    Graphics settings are not so satisfactory for this price.
  2. Nothing phone 1 BGMI/ PUBG FPS, does it support 90PFS

    nothing phone 1 supports max 60fps with extreme frame rate setting and 40fps on ultra frame rate setting as the processor is new and not well optimized for gaming so this phone currently does not support 90fps in pubg mobile, once the processor is optimized you will be able to play games at 90fps in this phone.
  3. performance test

    • At smooth + extreme graphics setting

      first i played a TDM match in which i saw a drop in fps from 5 to 8 then i played an erange map in which it maintained 58 fps while jumping but when fighting with players from far away this phone has constant frame drop So you can imagine how this phone will perform when it comes to close combat with players, this phone delivered 50 to 55 fps in erangle map.
    • At max settings

      Here we set graphics settings to Ultra Frame Rate and HDR Graphics with Screen Recorder on.
      Graphics are very realistic at this setting, and performance is quite good when playing pubg mobile, with occasional frame drops being common, delivering 34 to 38 fps throughout the game.

      This phone can only record screen at 720p video.

  4. Gyro, Temprature and Battery

    I have run pubg mobile in this phone for 55 minutes, my room temperature is 29 degree celsius and ac is on in my room
    • 37 °Cfront temp.
    • 37.4 °Cback temp.
    • 22%Battery Drain
    • DecentGyroscope


This phone has decent gaming performance but it should have better gaming performance in this price range, if you are looking this phone for gaming then you should wait till its processor is not optimized, otherwise the look of this phone is unique so you can go for it.

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