MW2 Launched So COD Is Sending Redeem Codes To Unlock 'Red Ghost Team', Here's How You Can Get It

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Redeem Codes To Unlock Red Ghost Team Sent Today, Here's How You Can Get Them To Unlock Red Ghost Team 141
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Today Modern Warfare is launched worldwide for all platforms except mobile devices, As Call of Duty already announced that players who have pre-registered in mw2 will get redeem codes to unlock red team ghost from 28th October, so the players who have pre-registered for mw2 game now get redemption code.
Players who haven't received the redemption code, wait till 15th November, if you still don't get the code you should request the code from the official team of 'COD: MOBILE'.

How to get red ghost team redeem code

You also have a chance to unlock this character, as you know the code will be unique to everyone that can only be used once, so if you have someone selling or distributing the code you can contact him.
But keep in mind that the code will not be used a second time, so don't pay early.

How to unlock Red ghost team in COD: Mobile

If you have received the redeem code now you can further process to unlock Red Ghost Team, the redeem code will be received in the in-game mail box
  • visit > signup/ login
  • Enter UID number(can be get in COD:MOBILE profile under username) > press enter
    UID number in cod mobile
  • Enter the unique redeem code > hit enter
  • click on submit button after entering verification code
cod: mobile redemption center
If your code is unique and successfully redeemed the reward will be sent to the in-game mail box, and you can now deploy this ghost character in the game.

How to unlock Red ghost team without redeem code

If you don't have a redeem code you can buy crates, opening crates is another way to unlock the Red Ghost team, but it's highly up to your luck, if you're lucky enough you'll get the character in the first crate you open otherwise it may take infinite number of crates.
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