GTA 6 trailer coming on October 29 2023, official release date revealed?

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GTA 6 release date for the trailer and game may be revealed on October 29
GTA 6 trailer coming on October 29, official release date revealed?
Rockstar's most awaited game GTA 6 may finally come out this month, finally GTA 6 fans can watch the trailer on 29th October. before The trailer was expected to launch at October 21 but this date failed.
Rockstar has two events prior to October 21 and 29 that the initial release of GTA was October 21, 1997 and October 29, 2002 for GTA Vice City,. So these dates can be two possible dates for GTA 6 reveal. Rockstar is also hiring a digital marketing director team that can be used to advertise gta 6 games, It is clear that this team is only recruiting for GTA 6 as Rockstar clearly mentioned in the job ad that this team is required for the most ambitious game.
There is no official reveal for GTA 6 release from Rockstar yet, but there is additional hype for this game around the world. Fans have different dates for its release but all those dates failed, Now the upcoming prediction for its release is 29th October 2023 which may fail or may come true, both have 50-50 chances.
On October 29 2023, see what will happen on that date, will Rockstar give an update or will the fans be disappointed again?
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