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Google pixel 6A BGMI/ PUBG graphics, frame rates and performance

Table of contents
Is Google Pixel good for gaming Does it support 90fps in bgmi/pubg games, its graphics settings and frame rates
Google pixel 6A BGMI/ PUBG graphics, frame rates and performance
Here is pub test with google pixel 6a phone, we will check its graphics settings and performance and see, should you buy this phone for gaming in this price range or not regular price of this phone is Rs 39999/- but i got it at just Rs 27499/- during flipkart sell, but now the sale of this phone is over, if you want to buy it you can wait for the next sale which may happen in the days of Diwali.
This phone is powered by Tensor chip which is Google's chipset, and has 6.1 inch 60Hz OLED HDR display panel, which is powered by 4410mAh battery, we have 6GB/128GB storage variant in which we test bgmi/pubg mobile game are going to do.

Google pixel 6A BGMI/ PUBG graphics settings

Google Pixel 6A supports low to extreme frame rate at smooth graphics setting, and low to ultra frame rate setting at balance, HD and HDR graphics setting, above graphic setting - UltraHD and UHD is not available in this phone, but these Settings are not enough With these prices we should get higher graphics settings in this price range.

Google pixel 6A BGMI/ PUBG Frame Rates(FPS)

Google Pixel 6A supports max 60fps on extreme frame rate setting, and 40fps on ultra frame rate setting, this phone doesn't support 90fps in bgmi/pubg mobile which is not such a good thing in this phone , we have many phones whose price lies below this phone and they support 90 fps.

Google pixel 6A BGMI/ PUBG Mobile game Performance

  • Performace

    I have tested its performance at two graphics settings which is smooth with extreme, and at max setting.
    1. At smooth + ultra graphics setting

      first i played a TDM match in which i got max 10 drop in fps and this drop was regular means i got so many times drop in FPS between TDM match then i played a classic match in erangel map in which i got 49FPS while jumping and 44FPS when fighting enemies, this drop in FPS is huge with this price range.
    2. At max setting

      At max setting I set graphics settings to Ultra frame rate over HDR graphics settings I also started screen recording to record games. I played TDM match which has good graphics, got shadows and proper texture, but performance is not that great with this setting, I saw 18FPS while playing team death match, which is a huge drop in fps.
  • Temprature

    After running BGMI/Pubg mobile in this phone for 55 minutes the front and rear temperature reached 41.3°C and 41.4°C respectively, my room temperature was 28.4°C and AC is on.
    I feel heat in my hand while holding this phone because this phone got very hot in AC on room
  • Battery

    The battery is doing its job properly which after playing the game for 55 minutes drained only 17% so the battery is doing its job properly
  • Gyroscope

    Gyroscope doing its job normally, I didn't notice any delay, no smoothness, but sometimes it creates problem when loading on phone


So if you are looking for 90fps good performance gaming phone in this price range then it is not an option from any angle, this phone has poor gaming performance but you can prefer this phone for your regular work but not for gaming.

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