here is the size of call of duty: warzone mobile in GB and graphics of the game

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Warzone Mobile size is given here, it can fill your device memory, here is the clue about the total size of 'COD: Warzone Mobile' in GB
call of duty: warzone mobile size
Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is ready to launch next year, by then you have time ot to increase your phone memory because total size of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile can take away other things in your phone.
The size of the game will depend on the provided visuals, graphics and assets as detailed below.

Call of duty: warzone mobile size

The size of 'Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile' or Warzone 2.0 has two file sizes, one needs to be downloaded from the Play Store/App Store and the other needs to be downloaded in the game itself.
A file downloaded from the Play Store or App Store will include the app and an essential map and some important assets and skins.
The size of which can be 1.4 Gb to 2.3Gb, in this size the game app will be around 100 to 150Mb while the remaining downloaded file size will be of maps and important files required for the game.
When you start the game for the first time you will have to download another file which will contain HD resources and other important resources which will take up around 400MB to 700MB of space.
Then you have to download skins of different equipment like guns, clothes, bags and vehicles which are optional, you can download these skins if you want to feel the game, the total size of these skins may differ from 800 MB to 1 GB, based On the skins available in your game account, otherwise, you can leave them without downloading but their skins will not appear in the game while the default skins will be visible.
The next step is to download the maps you want to play, the game maps will vary with every game update as every new update may contain a new map and resources, this is an optional step to download the maps but you must You must download at least one map to play the game. The game will have 2 to 3 battle royale maps with a total size of 800MB to 1.3GB each, and 20 to 25 mini maps with a total size of 4 to 5GB and a practice map that can be 300MB in size.
Therefore, the total size of Warzone Mobile can be 8 to 16GB depending on how many assets and maps you download in the game.

call of duty: WarZone Mobile Graphics

The actual size of a real Warzone game for PC is 175GB which is taken up to 16GB for mobile game files, therefore, you should not expect the graphics of Warzone Mobile like Warzone for PC. Several things have been cut to reduce the size of the game.
So the graphics for the game will vary from smooth, balanced, HD, HDR to UltraHD depending on your device and what graphics can be loaded into your mobile.


  • App size 1.5GB to 2.5GB
  • Imp. Update & HD resources 400MB to 750MB
  • Skins 800MB to 1.5GB
  • Maps 4GB to 5GB
  • Assets 2GB to 2.5GB
  • Total size 8GB to 18GB
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