Get ready for Call of Duty®: Warzone Mobile™ closed beta, coming soon in these regions

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Close beta testing for Call of Duty®: Warzone Mobile™ soon to be announced here are the release date and close beta test release areas.
Get ready for 'Warzone Mobile' closed beta testing coming soon in these regions
Activision has confirmed via its Twitter handle that closed beta testing for warzone mobile in specific regions will be announced soon. While the regions for Warzone Mobile Closed beta testing are yet to be confirmed, Activision hasn't shared any information about it.
But for now alpha testing is going on for this game which will last 4 or 5 more weeks, After this, close beta testing will go on for specific regions, Warzone players other than these regions will be able to play the closed alpha version of the game.
Not all players will be allowed to play Beta Testing, only invited gamers will be allowed to play Beta Testing for this game. Closed beta testing for Warzone Mobile could take place in late November for the expected regions which are listed below.
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • England
  • South africa
  • china
  • india
  • south coria
  • japan
  • france
  • belguim
  • itely

warzone mobile beta release date

As the developers of Warzone Mobile are constantly working to improve their performance on this game, several months have passed since its announcement but there is no official update for its release date, but information from Warzone Mobile developers Se Warzone Mobile Beta will be released somewhere in February to March 2023.
The next version of warzone mobile which is closed beta, will be the optimized version of the alpha version which is to be updated as per the feedback received from gamers for alpha testing.
closed Beta testing will go on for a further 1 or 2 months, after that we will have the final version of Warzone Mobile, based on the feedback we get from gamers in close beta testing. The final version of this game will be free from some bugs and glitches which we can download to our device after that the bug removal process will continue.
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