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Poco X4 pro 5g BGMI/ PUBG graphics, FPS and performance test

Table of contents
Here is the detailed review of poco x4 pro 5g phone, here is the graphics settings, battery, temperature and fps of bgmi/pubg in poco x4 pro 5g phone
Poco X4 pro 5g BGMI/ PUBG graphics, FPS and performance test
Today we have Poco X4 Pro 5G to test it pubg, here we will check available graphics settings, game frame rate temperature and much more and find out whether it is the successor of Poco X3 or not.
Poco x4 Pro 5g is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chipset which includes Adreno 619 GPU, and sports a 6.67" FHD+ AMOLED dot display with a peak brightness of 1200nits.

Poco X4 pro 5g BGMI/ PUBG frame rates

Poco x4 pro 5g supports refresh rate up to 120hz, It supports max 40fps in bgmi/pubg mobile at ultra settings.

Poco X4 pro 5g BGMI/ PUBG Mobile graphics settings

Poco X4 pro 5g supports low to ultra frame rates at smooth graphics settings, and low to high frame rates at balance and HD graphics setting. other settings like HDR, UltraHD and above are not available in this phone.
Future update may bring 60 fps to this phone but till then enjoy 40 fps gaming.

Poco X4 pro 5g BGMI/ PUBG Mobile Performance test

Below are the details about its performance after playing bgmi/pubg mobile at smooth + ultra frame rate setting.
  • Gaming

    First I've played TDM match in which I saw 39 to 40 continuous FPS, then I played a match in BGMI's Classing Map where I saw 35 FPS when fighting landend and other players, then maintain 40 FPS in first match continuously.
    But after 45 minutes of continuous gaming, I saw a maximum drop of 10 FPS while fighting, and 34 to 35 FPS when walking in the angle map.
    This phone shows FPS drop when the temperature rises.
  • Temprature

    When I started this game the temperature was the same as the room temperature which is 35 degree celsius. But after running BGMI/Pubg Mobile for 45 minutes, the temperature on the front side was 44.4 °C and the temperature on the back was 42.6 °C.
    The temperature rise in this phone is very high while playing games in this phone.


This phone gets very hot while gaming and shows frame drop when the temperature rises, which makes it clear that this phone is not made for decent gaming, if you play games in this phone for a short time then it will give good performance.
If you need an all-rounder phone apart from professional gaming, then this phone is for you.

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  1. How to make 90 fp
    1. You can use gfx tool, but i will not going to suggest it, so enjoy 60fps