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POCO M5 BGMI/ PUBG MOBILE graphics, FPS and Performance

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Should you consider poco m5 for bgmi / pubg mobile, here is the quick test of graphics, FPS and performance in poco m5.
POCO M5 BGMI/ PUBG MOBILE graphics, FPS and Performance
Poco is a brand that most targets gamers and youth, and now Poco M5 has been launched from Poco, here we will check its performance while playing BGMI/Pubg Mobile games, We will know the FPS and graphics setting of pubg mobile in this phone.

POCO M5 BGMI/ PUBG Mobile graphics

Poco M5 supports maximum 40 fps while playing pubg mobile which is available as extreme frame rate with smooth graphics setting. This phone supports low to extreme frame rates with smooth graphics setting, while it supports low to high frame rates with balance and HD graphics setting, other graphic settings like HDR, UltraHD are not available in this phone.

POCO M5 BGMI/ PUBG Mobile Performance and FPS

First of all i have played tdm match with this phone in bgmi/pubg mobile with smooth graphics setting at extreme frame rate i have seen only 1 fps drop during rush time otherwise it maintains 40 fps continuously while playing TDM match.
I have also played a classic match in Erangel Map with the same graphics setting, i have observed a max 5 fps drop when landingand and fighting with other players, it maintains constant 40 fps in remainign match, but I have observed 38 fps to 40 FPS when playing a Classic match in Sanhok map because it is a very high graphics map that uses max CPU.


So if you are considering this phone for pubg mobile and play it with 40 fps then you can go with this phone this phone is very efficient in this price range and has variety of features.

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