Gigabyte Announces New Z790 Aorus Motherboard for Intel Core 13th Generation Processors.

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Gigabyte Announces New z790 Auros Motherboard for Intel Core 13th Generation Processors, Here Are Features and Specifications.
Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Motherboard
The new z790 series motherboard from Gigabyte has been announced, the z790 series is primarily made for gaming which will only support Intel Core 12th and 13th generation processors, There will be four variants of the Z790 series which include Z790 AORUS XTREME, Z790 AORUS ELITE, Z790 AORUS MASTER, and Z790 AORUS TACHYON.
These motherboards has an SMD memory shield mask for overclocking PCie 5.0 gen gpu and SSDs and has optimized thermal management to boost performance, featuring an optimized overclocking experience thanks to the new gen multi-core K series processors from Intel.
These motherboards have m.2 slots and SMD PCIe 5.0*16 and support Double Connect technology that allows you to connect to the network simultaneously, so it won't interrupt your online gaming.
It supports 2.5G or above networks and WiFi 6 technology
This series has a ddr5 XMP booster that can automatically detect brand and bios setting which allows you to choose built-in pre-tune memory overclocking profiles so that you can speed up your XMP ddr5 or ddr5 memory.
It has an XMP 3.0 User Profile feature which enables you to delete and create XMP profiles as per your requirement.
z790 and above motherboards have a new Gen Fins Array III technology which will be able to a dissipate large amount of heat so your gaming performance does not decrease due to overheating
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