Call of Duty®: Warzone Mobile™ release date confirmed, coming in 2023

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Activision holds an event that reveals the release date of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile.
release date of call of duty: warzone mobile
Activision's last event, Call of Duty Next, took place on September 15 in which they announced the Call of Duty: Warzone mobile game. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will release in 2023 for Android and iOS devices.
Activision is currently running the alpha version of 'Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile', in which they have invited some famous players to play the game. The purpose of this alpha test is to find bugs in the game that will last for several weeks, in this alpha test players have to report the bugs to the developers so that they can remove them. The invited players will then face new regular in-game updates which will be the new version of the game.
Activision also released a teaser for the game in which the game looks very realistic and has improved graphics and physics. Warzone Mobile will change mobile gaming as it will come with stunning graphics and physics, The currently running mobile game from Activision has the poor physics seen while playing Call of Duty: Mobile.
COD Warzone Mobile will come with loadout 2.0 and new maps and weapons, hope to improve the sound of weapons in this game
All the 'Call of Duty' fans were eagerly waiting for Warzone Mobile and were disappointed as they were expecting the release of the game on September 15th. But in the 'Call of Duty Next' event Activision only announced its alpha version which is currenly running, but the beta version of warzone mobile will come in 2023, the confirmed month is not yet known, but it Should be released for android and ios devices somewhere around February to April in 2023. As the developers are working in this game to improve its performance
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