Activision releases hints for Call of Duty®: Warzone Mobile™ iOS pre-registration date

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Pre-registration date details for iOS devices have been released by 'activision'
It's been almost 15 days since pre-registrations for Warzone Mobile for Android devices, and no updates have been provided regarding pre-registrations for iOS devices, but today Activision issued a statement to its pre-registries date.
Activision said on their Twitter handle that they don't have much to say about it but there is still time to add that option long before the launch.
This is because 'Activision' is currently working on the development of the game and is testing the game through closed alpha testing, once they find all glitches and bugs to remove them, based on feedback received from players in closed alpha testing. then they will work on this game for ios devices.
We can't say much about the exact timing for iOS, however, there will be closed beta testing in specific regions that will have to run before the iOS version of this game.
It may be possible that there will be 'closed alpha' testing for iOS devices when there will be 'closed beta' testing for Android devices
Therefore, the pre-registration date of Warzone Mobile for ios devices could be from the beginning of December 2022 to the end of January 2023.
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