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Redmi k50i 5G PUBG MOBILE /BGMI graphics setting and gaming review. can you play PUBG MOBILE/BGMI at 90fps?

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thinking of buying redmi k50i 5g for gaming? take a look, we have tested graphics, frame rates gaming performance for bgmi / PUBG mobile game
Redmi k50i 5G PUBG MOBILE /BGMI graphics setting and gaming review. can you play PUBG MOBILE/BGMI at 90fps?
Redmi K50i 5g is a good phone that comes with rich specifications and comes with audio jack. This phone is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 8100 processor which is very fast processor but we will test its stability to see if it is really good for gaming, let's find out.
Here we will check its graphics, frame rate, temperature, battery and performance with bgmi / pubg mobile game, These checks will be done in Redmi k50i 6GB / 128GB variant, it is priced at Rs 26k

specifications of redmi k50i 5g

  • Chipset MediaTek Dimensity 8100 5G
  • CPU Octa core 2.85 GHz, Quad Core + 2 GHz, Quad core
  • Display 6.6 inch 407 PPI, IPS LCD 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Storage 128GB / 256GB
  • RAM 6GB / 8GB
  • OS Android v12
  • battery Li-Po 5080 mAh
  • camera 16MP Front Camera
    64MP + 8MP + 2MP rear camera

Redmi K50i 5g BGMI/PUBG graphics setting and frame rates

Redmi K50i 5g BGMI/PUBG graphics setting and frame rates
Redmi k50i supports max 90hz refresh rate settings.
The Redmi k50i 5G supports low to extreme (90hz) frame rates at the Smooth graphics setting, and Low to Ultra frame rates (40hz) at the Balance, HD and HDR graphics settings. These are the maximum settings that are available in this phone. But we should have extreme frame rate in balance graphics setting as per its price, future update may bring in other setting and 90fps in balance graphics setting.

Redmi K50i 5G BGMI/PUBG Performance and FPS Testing

I've played BGMI / PUBG MOBILE at Extreme frame rates on Smooth graphics settings and Ultra frame rates on HDR graphics settings.

  1. On Extreme frame rates at smooth grahics
  2. first i played a tdm match in which redmi k50i easily maintained steady 89 to 90 fps.
    then i played two classic matches in two different maps, sanhok map is very heavy map so i tried it first in which i observed 28 fps when jumping, which was a huge drop in frames, after this, it maintained 80 to 90 fps when fighting other players in bootcamp, and 89 to 90 fps during normal running in the map.
    Then I played in the Erangel map in which saw 65 fps when jumping with the other squads. Also Redmi k50i maintained FPS between 80 to 90 while fighting players.

  3. On Ultra frame rates at HDR grahics
  4. i played a tdm match in which i saw a constant of 39 to 40 fps and i saw the same result when playing classic match, only i got 4 to 5 frame drop when jumped otherwise it maintained 40 fps continuously.

redmi k50i 5g - Temprature and battery drain

I played bgmi/pubg mobile for 55 minutes in which it drains only 20% battery which is much less as compared to other mobiles consumption.
After running bgmi / pubg mobile for 55 minutes the front temperature reached 41 degree celsius while the rear side temperature was 40 degree celsius, which is quite normal in gaming phones.

redmi k50i 5g - Gyroscope

Redmi k50i has a dedicated gyroscope which is very smooth and synced properly. So if you are a gyroscope player then this phone can be a good option for you.


I tested the performance of redmi k50i 6gb/128 verient with bgmi / pubg mobile game in which it gives very smooth graphics and performance was also good but if you jump to places like ponchiki and sanhok with many other squads So you can get heavy frame drop. If you are a gyro player then this phone will not disappoint you as the gyroscope is very smooth

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