How to get M16 in GTA online | Get the GTA Online service carbine

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Here are personal tips and advice for getting a GTA Online service carbine, knowing you'll probably get the m16
How to get M16 in GTA online | Get the GTA Online service carbine
The M16 was a unique weapon that was used by GTA in 2013, it is now back in 2022 as a gta online service carbine, and is available in-game to collect. Assembling this rifle can be a challenging task but don't worry I will share my personal tips for getting this rifle as I got this rifle.

Method to unlock M16/ service carbone

You have to collect five weapon paths to unlock m16 rifle but it's not as easy as you think There will be 10 random locations where a path will be spawned from one of these 10 random locations. These 10 random places can be seen in the map below or you can find these places in gta web which I think is the best to know 10 random places There is space.
10 random locations where crime scene will spawned in gta online service carbine
At one of these 10 random locations, there will be a crime scene, then you have to get there to collect the weapon path. For this you have to drive around the map and reach where the crime scene is spawned. But the challenging thing is to reach the crime scene where it happened you play with friends to solve the problem and if you see other people around the map then contact them to help each other , this was the method I used to collect five paths of m16 rifle in gta game. Note: Many streamers or websites claim that activating the lobby for 20 minutes will spawen the crime location but it doesn't work I've tried this for an hour
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