Asus Tuf F15 gaming (2022) - Review, is it good for gaming and heavy works?

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Asus Tough F15 - Brings Gaming to Market with Improvements So Here is the Detailed Review of Asus Tough F15 Gaming 2022, Is it Really Made for Gaming?
Asus Tuf F15 gaming (2022) - Review, is it good for gaming and heavy works?
Asus Tuf F15 - Brings Gaming to Market with Improvements So Here is the Detailed Review of Asus Tuf F15 Gaming 2022, Is it Really Made for Gaming? let's find out.

build quaility

The build quality of the Asus Tuf F15 Gaming is very impressive and there you get airflow vents all around the laptop which according to the company will keep your laptop cool but we will see that later in the article.
The hinges are very strong and sleek, you can open this laptop with just one hand
The keyboard is full size that is fully RGB with Aura Sync support, and the 'w, a, s, d' buttons are transparent, and there you can see the cooling vent on the top of the keyboard. You can only see some heat in the middle of the keyboard
The track pad is full size which is very sleek and giving buttons inside the track pad which are also easily clickable
build quality of asus tuf f15 - gaming 2022
You have got two speakers at the bottom of the laptop which come with Dolby Atmos support.
weight is 2.6kg which normal in gaming laptops.


Here we got 15.6 inch 1080p Full HD, 144Hz, 8bit sRGB display panel with 250 nits peak brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio, this panel is made by enolex, this panel has a response time of 9 seconds which is quite is bigger and only 45% NTSC which is very low in this price range, due to this we have seen many color missing with it, we have found the adapting sync in this panel as the vertical refresh rate of the monitor depends on the frames generated by the GPU, Hence you will not get to see tearing, scattering.


This laptop is powered by Intel Core i7-12700H which is the best CPU in this era but not as powerful, It has 8 efficient and 6 performance cores and has 20 threads, TDP is 45% and Max T-junction temperature is 100°C.
We have tested it in Cinebench r23 on mains power in standard mode. In which we got 16344 multicore score at which temperature was 96 °C, and 1793 singlecore score at which temperature was 88 °C. It was not a constant temperature, it was between 85 tp 87 °C which is very high as we were using it at 100%. aprt form this the Oriented tasks handled very easily by this cpu.
Asus Tuf F15 gaming (2022) - Review, is it good for gaming and heavy works?


Asus Tuf F15 Gaming is packed with RTX 3050 Ti with base 80W TGP and 15W Dynamic Boost, installed driver version is 516.94, cuda core enabled with 2560 and 1695 boost clock frequency


ssd and ram both are imported from sk hynix company, this laptop is packed with gen3's 512GB ssd which can read memory of 3500mps and write at 3000mb/s but actually it was stuck at 2700mps as per crystal disk software. SSD is TLC (Triple-Level Cell) type which can store more data in less cost but its performance is less than slc type memory
This laptop has 16GB ddr5 ram which is good to handle high work load, you can also upgrade to 32 gb ram for which 2 ports are provided.

Cooling system

Asus has improved in this area, adding new 84 blade fans and five heating pipes that you can see at the back, but Asus will have to rectify its heating issue further

Armory crate

This is the best part in Asus laptop, you will have full vitals with mux toggle button on first tab.
In the next tab we got the GPU mode which has 4 modes.
  1. with mux switch
  2. Standard mode :
  3. best for descrete gpu, gaming and other heavy tasking
  4. Eco mode :
  5. In this mode, dedicated mode shutdown remains off, it is best to keep the temperature low and increase battery backup.
  6. Optimised :
  7. This mode will make smart decisions according to the workload, decide when and how much GPU should be used.
Next we have the Lightning tab from where you can adjust the lights but to manage the lights you need to download Aura Sync software.
Next is the Visuals tab where you can set the scene as per your requirement like Movie mode, Vivid mode, Night mode etc.
in Next tab you can define the profile in which you can set certain keys for different functions like window button kill switch, volume level, aura sync etc and then use them while gaming.


The laptop lasted about 3 hours in the final display and 4 hours on Eco mode. This laptop can charge up to 50% in just 40 minutes

conclusion :

Overall the laptop is good and can handle heavy loads with ease but I face heating issue which will have to be rectified in future updates, and the panel is also a dubious case in this price range.
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