This is how you can get free UC in BGMI / PUBG mobile legally.

If you want to get free uc in bgmi or pubg mobile game then this post will help you a lot, it will save your time and your bgmi account.
How to get free UC in BGMI / PUBG MOBILE
Every new event and skin in BGMI game make us feel to buy them, now we are young and our brain reminds us to buy those skins, well we are not rich enough to satisfy our brain's requirement but This mind has the ability to choose a way to get uc, and i am here to help your brain to win this race to get free uc in bgmi game.
You have to accept that bgmi does not provide any facility to get free uc nor any free uc hack if any one provides this hack then it means you are wasting your time because this hack doesn't work and if any of these tricks work your BGMI account is at risk, and bgmi can ban you at any time and you won't want to lose all your game progress, those friends levels and more. So don't use these hacks I am here to get you free uc legally.
One more thing to consider, if you are on the legal path you will not get anything for free, you will get paid for your job and I am here to introduce you to the jobs by working on which you can earn money, and you can buy UC in BGMI/PUBG MOBILE game with your money.

How to get free UC in BGMI / PUBG MOBILE

How to get free UC in BGMI / PUBG MOBILE
Please don't rely on temporary and time-wasting jobs like surveys, rewards etc, they pay you very little for example you have to participate in survey which is around 1 to 2 hours long for which you only need $0.3 / INR 23 Will get Rs. Instead, work hard in silence, let your success make a noise.
here are the ways to get free UC in bgmi / pubg mobile game.
  1. Gaming

  2. This job is best suited for you because you are a gamer and you will work hard to make it successful, you can record videos and upload them to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. From there you will get money, by which you can buy UC in BGMI/PUBG MOBILE game.
  3. Blogging

  4. If you have any area of knowledge then you can share it online and you will get paid for the knowledge you share online.
  5. Content writing job

  6. If you have any idea of content writing then you can work for others, if you want it temporarily, if you want to build your empire then you can work hard in blogging so that you can make it possible to hire other content writers, and you will get more than enough money to buy lot of UC in bgmi / pubg mobile.
  7. freelancing

  8. If you have any kind of talent which you want to use to earn money then you can find online work to earn some money so that you can get UC.
  9. Affiliate marketing

  10. You can earn commission for selling products from website like amazon and flipkart, these websites provide affiliate program by joining them, You will get commission for successfully selling these products on your website or social account, by which you can get UC to buy skins in bgmi / pubg mobile game.
So these were some useful ways to get free uc in bgmi / pubg mobile game, if you want to choose any other method then choose that path at your own risk.
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