The 8 Best Game Engines for Mobile Game development for future

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looking for a best game engine to develop games for mobile devices? and also want to choose right game engine then here is the tips to choose one.
The 7 Best Game Engines for Mobile Games in 2022: Which One Is The Best For You?
Gaming is a major part of our society. From the latest consoles to the mobiles we play on them, we love to be entertained and challenged. As mobile gaming has grown, and we have a golden chance to get in game development for mobile devices. Game engines are now considered not just for console and PC games, but also for mobile games. There are many different game engines available to make mobile games, but which one is the best for your need? Here is a quick guide to help you choose.

What is a game engine?

A game engine is a type of software that is used to create games. They are able to handle many tasks, from the graphics to the physics. It is a program that provides a set of features for a video game. game engines has features that allows you to develop games even if you do not have any coding background, as game engines supports the blueprint programming where you do not need to learn any programming language.

What are the things a good game engine should have?

Before going into the best game engine list we should know the qualities of a good game engine or the things that make a game engine a good game engine.
  • Game physics

    Make sure that the game engine you choose is able to provide a perfect physics in the game to the end user of the game. Learn whether it can balance physics between simulation quality and computational power.
  • visual assets processing

    Make sure your game engine can use shading, mapping, lighting, textures, depth of field, etc. with less programming effort.
  • Game input :

    This is a common problem in most game engines for cross platform development, so make sure your game engine can overcome it.
  • up to date

    Your game engine should be updated according to today's technology, if you don't want to learn programming language make sure your game engine has latest features like blueprint programming.

Best 8 Game Engines for making 2d/ 3d games for mobile/ PC/ consoles

  1. Unreal Engine

    unreal engine logo
    Unreal Engine is one of the best 3D game development engines used for creating games for crossplatforms. It is developed by Epic Games whose latest version is Unreal Engine 5 which is launched recently, the most played game pubg mobile is build using unreal engine. tutorials to teach unreal engine 5 are increasing day-by-day as it has bright future. it supporst programming in c/c++
    • pricing Free for creator and publisher with 5% royalty on project shipment
      also has custom licence program
    • supported plateforms windows, Android, Xbox, playstation, MacOs, iOS, linux, AR, VR, steam OS, Html5
    • popular games Pubg mobile, fortnite, gears of war
    • Blueprint programming yes

  2. Unity

    unity engine logo
    unity is a most popular game engine mostly used to make 2D/ 3D games, unity also used to build games for cross platforms. it has vast source of tutorials all around the internet from where you can learn it. most famous call of duty: mobile game was developed using unity engine. it supporst c# programming
    • pricing Free for students and personal use
      plus, pro and enterprises editon for 40/ 50/ 200$/month
    • supported plateforms Android, iOS, tizen os, fire os, window phone
    • popular games call of duty: mobile, pokemon go

  3. Cocos2d-x

    cocos2d logo
    if you considering to make only 2 games than it can be a best game engine for you, you can make high quility 2d games for corss plateform with this game engine.
    • pricing

    • size

  4. Godot

    godot engine logo
    it is a absolutely free gaming engine, it supports wide range of programming language in which you can program your game, mostly supports c#, c++, visual scripting, python etc.
    • pricing Free
    • supported plateforms windows, Android, MacOs, iOS, linux, UWP, BSD
    • popular games deponia, city game studio, hardcoded
  5. Lumberyard

    lumberyard logo
    • pricing

    • size

    It is a great and cross platform game engine, developed by Amazon Game Tech and released in 2016. It is a cross platform game engine based on Cryengine or we can say it is a extended version of cryengine. It provides VR preview mode and visual scripting tools. it uses c++ and lua language to program games. It is integrated with Amazon Web Services which allows developers to host their games on Amazon servers and also allows them to stream their games online via Twitch.
    this game engine is from amazon used to build AAA 3d games, it is an opensource game engine, it has high quility of graphics that is only plus point in this game engine
  6. cryengine

    cryengine logo
    It is a free-to-use game engine initially released in 2002 and developed by Crytek which is a german game development company. Cryengine supports modern visual effects or we can say that it has modern rendering engine. It makes optimum use of the hardware resources available on PC and next generation console systems. It is completely free for personal use but it charges 5% of your game income when you publish your game on the internet.
    this is the best ulternative of unreal engine has advance features like unreal engine it is used to build 2d and 3d games for corss plateforms, this game engine allows you to create only first person shooter games. it has vast number of gaming and visiul assets.
    it uses lua as a scripting language.
    • pricing available for free and 5% royalty on project shipment
    • supported plateforms windows, Android, Xbox, playstation, oculus rift, linux, PSVR, OSVR, HTC viva
    • popular games sniper ghost worrier, pray, snow, showdown etc.
    • Blueprint programming yes

  7. GameMaker

    gamemaker engine logo
    It is a cross platform game engine initially released under the name Animo in 1999 and now known as GameMaker Studio since 2011. It uses drag-and-drop visual programming language or a scripting language (known as GameMaker languages) which is a major drawback of this game engine because you can't make complicate or advance gamed with drag-and-drop visual programming.
    this is the most simple game engine has drag and drop feature that you can use to make your games, even there is no need for programming in this game engine to build games for mobiles, but this game engine is only used to create to 2D games
    • pricing Free licence
      indie licence $8.14/month
      creator licence $4.25/month
    • supported plateforms Android, iOS, tizen os, Amazon fire os, window phone, PS Vita
    • popular games undertale, supercreate box etc..

  8. Frostbite

    frostbite logo
    • pricing

    • size

    It is a cross platform game engine released under a Proprietary license in 2008 and developed by DICE. it uses c# and c++ programming languages for game development. The game engine was originally employed in the Battlefield video game series, but would later be expanded to other first-person shooter video games and many other genres. To date, Frostbite has been exclusive to video games published by Electronic Arts.
So, which one is right for you? That depends on your needs and requirements. Some people prefer Unity because it is easy to use and the interface is intuitive, but it does require a subscription. For those looking for a free option, Godot is a great option. Cocos2d-x, while not quite as intuitive as Unity, is still a very good option for anyone looking for a free engine.

The important thing is to find the engine that fits your needs and preferences the best.

Choosing the right game engine for mobile game development

What is the one thing you need to know about game engines? They are not all created equal. There are many different types of game engines on the market, and each one is designed to do something different. But there are some game engines that are more popular than others.
unreal engine is a growing plateform it is easy and best for beginners, you can create high tech games in unreal engine.
Unity is one of the most popular game engines around because it has a free version, is simple to learn, and has a large community of developers. It’s also cross-platform, which means it can be used to create games for more than just iOS and Android.
GameMaker is another popular option for creating games for mobile devices. It has a low cost of entry, lots of tutorials, and a free version available.
There are many other options too, but it’s a good idea to pick one that fits your needs. Keep in mind that the best engine for you will depend on what you want to do with it and how much you want to spend.


All of these game engines boast their own pros and cons, but which one is the best for your needs? Consider your goals and the goals of the game you’re trying to build. What kind of mobile game do you want to create? Do you want to create a mobile game for a specific platform?
All of these engines can be used to achieve different goals, so it’s important to take into account what you want to accomplish before deciding which one is best for you. If you’re trying to create a cross-platform mobile game, then Unity will be your best option. If you want to create a single platform mobile game, then Unreal Engine 5 will be the best option. Whichever you choose, make sure it suits your needs!
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