The new Apple MacBook 2021 with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip is here - Review

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Apple is God in the field of technology, Apple does what no one can expect actually Apple laptops are very powerful and have next level performance.
The new Apple MacBook with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chip is here - Review
Apple is God in the field of technology, Apple does what no one can expect actually Apple laptops are very powerful and have next level performance. The reason why even professionals like editors, video editors, etc. recommend apple for their work is performance. Apple has brought a new MacBook and MacBook Pro this year and it has been launched worldwide. So here's a review of the MacBook and MacBook Pro that include the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips respectively

review of Macbook with M1 Pro and M1 Max chip

review of Macbook with M1 Pro and M1 Max chip

  1. M1 Pro and M1 Max chip
  2. Last year Apple has launched its M1 chip which is much faster and more powerful than Intel and other chips available in the market And the batting of this chip is also at the next level. This year Apple has come up with two upgraded versions of the M1 chip which are M1 Pro and M1 Max.
    The M1 Pro chip contains 33.7 billion transistors and 200GB/s memory bandwidth. It includes 10 core CPUs and 16 core GPU. The CPU's 10 cores are further divided into two groups, with the first group of cores containing 8 high-performance cores based on ultra-wide execution architecture. The second group of cores consists of 2 high-efficiency cores based on a comprehensive execution architecture. It has 192KB instruction cache, 128KB data cache and 24MB L2 cache. The GPU includes 2048 execution units, 49512 concurrent threads, 5.2 teraflops, 164 gigataxels/sec and up to 82 gigapexels/sec. Many of the features in a single-chip make it the next-level high-performance chip for laptops. This CPU has 70% faster performance than the CPU of M1 chip, which means it is the fastest CPU in the world at the moment.
    performance of M1 Pro and M1 Max chip
    Simultaneously apple launched the M1 max chip which has 64GB integrated 512-bit LPDDR5 memory with high bandwidth and low latency. m1 max chips contain 57 billion transistors. The chip has 10 core CPU and 32 core GPU. This GPU has 4096 execution units, 98304 concurrent threads, 10.4 teraflops, 327 gigataxel/s, and up to 164 gigapixel/s. In fact he did a lot of work on graphics improvement.

  3. Ports
  4. new macbook 2021 Ports
    The ports that were removed in the previous MacBook have been added in this new MacBook which will be of great help to the professionals like video editors and videographers so that they can easily transfer their recorded data to the laptop. This MacBook has HDMI, 2 Type-C, SD card and a magnetic charging port. The magnetic charging port in the middle was also removed but it has been reattached to this MacBook. Thunderbolt 4 ports have been added to this MacBook.

  5. Display
  6. display sizes of new mackbook 2021
    Apple has launched two models one is of a 14-inch display called MacBook and the other is a 16-inch display called MacBook PRO. the MacBook of MacBook starts with M1 pro chip and MacBook pro starts with M1 max chip. the noticeable thing in this new MacBook is its display because apple gives a notch display in its new MacBook. the display is liquid retina XDR which will very helpful if you edit an HDR video. Display quality is taken to the next level with 1000nits continuous brightness, 1600nits peak brightness and 1000000:1 contrast ratio. This laptop has a mini LED display which is like an iPad which will go to the next level. It has a 120hz pro-motion display which is a great thing in this laptop too The display is 3.5mm thinner which is 24% thinner on the sides and 60% thinner at the top than the previous version of the MacBook

  7. studio quality
  8. The mics have been upgraded and the sound quality has definitely been upgraded with 80% more bass It will give you a premium feel while listening to the songs. The SSD has also been upgraded with 7.7GB/s speed on data transfer. Normal SSD works from 250 mb/s to 300 MB/sec. So much improvement in technology I mean a direct upgrade from MB to GB is unbelievable but Apple has done it. The webcam has been upgraded and the Touch Bar has been removed

  9. battery
  10. The MacBook Pro has a battery backup of 21 hp on video playback, which means you'll have to play video for 21 hours continuously to drain this battery. And the MacBook has a battery backup of 17 hours on video playback. If you are using old MacBook which has great battery backup for normal users then you can easily expect great battery backup from new MacBook and MacBook Pro.

  11. price
  12. Laptops Starting at $1999 (₹1,94,900) The MacBook with 14-inch display costs $1999 while the 16-inch display MacBook costs $24999 (₹2,39,900). The top models of these laptops are available for $6662 (Indian Rupees 5 Lakh). Yes, the price is high but the performance is also high so don't worry it is a reasonable price.
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