How to become a game Developer in 2022 : the complete guide

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if you want to become a game developer and want to make games like pubg and gta then this article is best for you
how to become a game developer
Game designers/developers are create game ideas, layers, menus, controls etc in games, game designers are responsible for setting new trends in gaming world.
you should be aware about game development before making a game. a proper planning is required before making a game, before making a game companies decide whether it will be multiplayer or single player, will it be 'open world' or linear, will it be story basis or battle royale etc. After taking such decisions game developer companies start developing a game. And this process is known as game designing.
Game designers create documentation in which they define the rules for game play, ambitions, combat for a game. Compare companies to plan and set goals. Teams are defined according to the goals such that the Gameplay Designer creates the game play of the game and the UI Designer creates the menus, controls, layout etc. in the game and the Level Designer creates the levels for the game,
All those designers live with programmers allowing programmers to write code to make games.
If you want to become a game developer and don't know where to start, this article is going to be your best source of information. This article will cover everything about game development and all the information related to this industry. So stay tuned with this article.

Types of game designers

Before getting into the game development industry, you should be aware of the types of game designers, as different types of designers are selected for different jobs. So below are the types of game designers.
  • Game play Designers

    A game play designer has an understanding of game mechanics including its physics and controls. These designers are specialized in game play development.
  • UX Designers

    UX designers are specialized in creating the graphical user interface of the game. Menus and all layouts of the game are developed by a UX designer.
  • Level Designers

    Level designers are specialized in creating levels for a game. As you ever heard about Candy Crush where there is no end to the levels, One or more level designers behind it are working to create new levels for this game.
  • Scripting Designers

    Scripting designers are specified to write code to automate certain aspects in game creation, these developers usually use scripting languages for their work.
  • System Designers

    These developers are specialized for architecting complex systems such as progress, automated game features, etc.
  • Mobile Designers

    These developers are specified to write the code of games for mobile devices, they are further classified into two sections, the first is an iOS developer who makes games for iOS and the other is an Android developer who makes games for Android devices.

Effective ways to become a game developer

how to become a game developer in 2022
If you have ideas to develop games then you can be a game developer. There are further two types of game developers, The first is the individual(indie) game developer who develops games alone and the other is the employable game developer who works for game development companies. An indie game developer can earn up to $140000/year while an employable game designer can earn up to $61977/year. An indie game developer's income varies according to their game success, it can range from $0 to million dollars, while an employable game developer earns a constant salary throughout the year.
You can be both type of game developer by following these below mentioned methods. Later you can choose whether you want to work in game developer companies or develop your own games by becoming an indie game developer.
so here we go.
  1. Learn programming

    Programming is the most important thing to develop any type of software whether it is game software or simple software, all games are programmed to perform different tasks whether it is for shooting a player or to track player's progress. All the things in a game are done by programming, so if you haven't heard of programming before, you need to know about it and learn it to make games. It will take around 1 year to get master in programming with a specific programming language.
    There are many good programming languages available for making games, some of them are given below.
    • c++/c
    • C#
    • Java
    • lua
    • python
    • javascript
    learn more
  2. Learn Game Engine

    A game engine is a virtual machine/software used to create 2d/3d games, learning a game engine to construct games is as important as learning programming to program games. A game engine provides wide support to the user as it contains a large number of libraries, 2d/3d objects and many other things that will help you to make the games faster. Different game engines support different programming languages to program the game e.g. Unreal Engine uses c/c++ while Unity supports c#. The game engine also supports Blueprint programming, so you can use Blueprint to program the game if you don't want to learn the programming language. You can create 2D/3D games for different platforms like mobile, PC and console with the game engine.
    Some of the best game engines are listed below.
    • Unreal Engine 5
    • unity
    • Godot
    best game engines
  3. Learn 3D modeling softwares

    3D modeling softwares are used to create 3D objects for games, these softwares are also used to create CGI characters in movies. It is not necessary to learn 3D modeling software as there are a huge number of 3D objects available on the internet but if you want to make your own 3D objects for your game then you need to learn 3D modeling software. There are many free and paid software available in the market, some of the best software are given below:
    • Blender
    • Autodask maya 3d
    • massiv
    • modo
  4. Earn a Diploma/Degree in game designing (optional)

    If you can't figure things out in game development process on your own then you can get diploma or degree in game designing from any recognized institute or university they will teach you all softwares and other important things that you need to know about game development. Having a degree/diploma is optional, it is not necessary for self learners and individual game developers to have a degree/diploma but if you want to get a job in a game development company where certificate is required then this diploma/degree will be beneficial to get that job.
If you want to become a professional game developer then your journey is not going to end here you have to learn more including 3d rendering, animation and maths. And to gain experience in this field you have to work hard after learning all things in game development, and it takes 1 to 2 years to gain experience. And if you are an individual game developer, then it will take more time to make a game, the bigger the game you make, the more time it will take. but If you are hired by any company then you will get only your part of work in that company which you have to complete in given time.
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