Xiaomi introduced its smart glasses, know its features and technologies used in it.

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Xiaomi has introduced its Smart Glass which has many advanced technologies and features. Look at its proficiencies before buying other glasses.
xiaomi smart glasses
Until now what we could imagine and see in movies like iron-man's smart glasses in avenger with which tony stark makes his personal work easy, now such techniques are going to come true because technologies are changing and improving day by day and many new technologies we use in our daily life to make our work easy and Xiaomi has recently introduced its smart glasses, these glasses will be very different from the normal glasses because it will consist many new technologies. These glasses will have many of the features of a smartphone and the day is not far when smartphones will become just a thing.

features of xiaomi's smart glasses

xiaomi smart glasses
You can make calls, view notifications, and navigate your way with these glasses as these glasses will include many smartphone functions like calling, viewing, navigation. These glasses uses optical waveguide technology for display capabilities It has a 0.13-inch micro-LED display, if we compare it with a grain of rice, then this display will be smaller than this. But this screen gives a much bigger display to the human eye. Light output through the reflection and propagation of the optical waveguide lens is as high as 2 million nits allowing you to easily view notifications, make phone calls, and HUD navigation.
xiaomi smart glasses
These glasses also have a camera so that you can click pictures of objects with this camera. It has the facility to scan words from your book or paper and convert it to your language

launch date of xiaomi's smart glasses

Xiaomi hasn't announced its launch date yet, you will be notified whenever it is announced. But it will soon come in the market in early October then you can buy it from the online or offline market.

Price of Xiaomi's smart glasses

its market price has not been announced yet, but it could be in the range of INR 10K to 30k.
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