Honest review of realme GT master edition including gaming after 15 days of usage

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I am going to review the realme gt master edition phone after using it for 15 days, it will prove to be very helpful for gamers and content creators.
pubg test in realme gt master edition
Finally, the Realme gt master edition has been launched in India in 2 variants, one is 8GB/128g for ₹27999 and the other is 8GB/256GB for ₹29999. I am going to review this phone after using it for 15 days, it will prove to be very helpful for gamers and content creators. We'll look at its efficiency and results for various tasks and also do some tests to test its processor power. Since this phone has many new technologies like converting ROM to RAM whenever needed, we will also look at these new technologies to see what it can do for us.
We will cover in this article reviewing all the aspects of this phone and the important components used in this phone, here we go.

Review of realme gt master edition

This is my 15th day of using Realme GT Master Edition, and I am writing this review after using it for 15 days, I will share my experience keeping in mind each of its benefits and results. I have covered its review in various sections like the first section its design review and others are for the camera, CPU performance, and gaming review.

  1. Display
  2. This phone has a 6.43 inch big Super AMOLED 120Hz display. The screen has an outdoor brightness of 1000 nits so that you can see clear content outside the house but its light sensor does not work properly, you cannot adjust the brightness in HDR content as the Light sensor causes problems, it is a software problem So it can be improved in future updates. The display and colors are very good and other sensors are working fine. I didn't notice any frame drop while watching content and using it normally. The haptics is good and are much more than the gt edition.
    • good colors and display
    • 1000 nits brightness
    • No framedrop
    • cons
    • Light sensor doesn't work properly

  3. Design
  4. This phone is designed by Fukasawa with a 3D design inspired by a suitcase. This phone is quite slim and comfortable for users. This phone has a hybrid sim slot which is not a good thing due to which water can easily get inside your phone as there is no seal in this sim slot. The phone has 8 5G bands which prove to be very beneficial to get rid of network problems. It has a 3.5mm jack at the bottom which will be helpful if you want to watch content or play games with earphones.
    • slim and comfortable
    • 8 5G bands
    • Headphone jack
    • cons
    • hybrid sim slot

  5. CPU
  6. This phone has Snapdragon 778G 5G processor which is 40% faster than the previous generation, I ran the 'CPU Throttle Test' which gives a value of 90% which is quite good and also good value on the N22 test. The CPU performed well in gaming as well as in normal usage, its consistency is better than the Dimension 1200, but sometimes I faced app crashes while using YouTube and Chrome which will be fixed in a future software update. can be done.
    • 40% faster then previous gen
    • performed well in gaming
    • cons
    • App crash

  7. Sounds
  8. This phone has mono and good speakers which give a good experience while watching content but this phone should have stereo speakers with dolby atoms at this price.
    • -
    • cons
    • No stereo speakers and dolby atoms

  9. Camera
  10. The front side has a 32MP camera that can record videos in 1080p at 30fps, the front camera has high brightness which makes your face glowing which needs to be improved and the front side camera has very poor stabilization. While there is a 64mp main camera on the back that can record videos in 4k at 30fps and the cameras perform well at night, it has too much skin tone, exposure shift, and artificial colors are also too much which should be fixed in the future updates. The main camera has good stabilization. Edge detection is good in both cameras.
    • Edge detection is very good
    • stabilization mode in back camera
    • cons
    • Artificial colors
    • Too much skin tone

  11. Battery backup
  12. The 4300 mAh battery of Reality GT Master Edition can be charged from 1 to 100% in 33 minutes with a fast charger. After playing the game for 1:30 hours, the phone consumed 30% battery which is more than normal, and also consumes more battery on heavy tasks. If you do heavy tasking then you have to charge it twice a day otherwise it can last a whole day. overall battery backup is good.
    • charge fast
    • cons
    • consume more battery on heavy tasks

  13. Memory
  14. Since this phone has Dynamic RAM Expansion Technology, by using this I am able to convert ROM to RAM up to 7 GB whenever I need it, it helps me a lot to save my time as this technology is due to RAM expansion. Accelerates instruction execution speed.
    • Dynamic ram expansion technology

  15. Temperature
  16. The temperature remains normal and does not exceed heavy tasks but I do find this phone a little warm while charging. Overall it has no heating problems
    • temperature rises on charging

  17. PUBG/BGMI (gaming) Test
  18. This phone is great for gaming as I didn't get much frame drops while playing pubg, it gives 55 to 60fps on pubg gameplay. This phone supports Extreme / UltraHD graphics smooth. The phone also has a 3.5mm earphone jack at the bottom which is great for gamers who love gaming with earphones. The phone also comes with GT Mode which gives full CPU performance on gaming and starts the game quickly with UltraHD visual effects. And also you can stream your games on social media with this Realme GT Master Edition without much frame drops with screen recording, screen recording with gaming takes a lot of load on your device, As a result, there are 5-10 drops in FPS.

Conclusion This phone is specially made for gamers which gives a great experience while playing games on this phone and the battery backup is good for normal usage. Its overall hardware is good but the software has many bugs that need to be rectified. And I really appreciate this phone that its temperature does not rise on gaming and heavy tasks. overall this is a good phone for gamers.
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