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oneplus nord 2 pubg/bgmi honest gaming review in 2022

Table of contents
If you are thinking of buying one plus Nord 2 then check out its review given below, here we have played games on many maps of pubg mobile.
pubg mobile in oneplus nord 2
one plus Nord 2 launched with rich specifications, the phone is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1200 CPU and ARM G77 MC9 GPU and comes with a 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display that delivers seamless user experience. If you are thinking of buying this phone then check out its review given below, here we have played games on many maps of pubg mobile, all details like FPS, temperature, battery are given below.

PUBG gaming review of oneplus nord 2

graphics setting in pubg mobile
We have set the graphic setting on Smooth to Extreme Frame Rate, Extreme Frame Rate is not available for balanced HD, HDR, and UltraHD graphics, here you will get a max of 60 fps on this device.

Maps in which we played pubg mobile with nord 2

maps in which we played
  • TDM
  • Here we got only 1 drop in FPS, otherwise it shows 60FPS continuously while playing this game in TDM. Sometimes it drops to 60 to 59fps which is very normal.
  • Erangel
  • In this map I landed in school with about 10 other players, because of this I observed max 10 drop in FPS, after that we only get 60-59 frame rate consistently when playing pubg mobile in nord 2 mobile.
I have also played this game in all maps of pubg mobile, final review is given below.

  1. FPS
  2. I have played this game in all maps of pubg mobile, here I got 60-59 stable fps overall while playing pubg mobile. You can encounter a maximum drop of 7-9 in FPS when many other players also landed at the same place where you landed, otherwise the OnePlus Nord 2 performed well in all conditions while playing PUBG Mobile.

  3. Battery
  4. I played pubg mobile for about 100 minutes and the game drained 30% of battery on an extremely smooth graphics setting which is not a bad thing in one plus Nord 2.

  5. Temperature
  6. After playing PUBG Mobile for 100 minutes, I observed a maximum temperature of 46.7°C on the front side and 46°C temperature on the backside, which is quite normal.


I played PUBG Mobile at a peak of 60fps which shows an overall 60-59 steady FPS on each map. I didn't see much drop in FPS while playing pubg mobile on every map, after playing pubg for 100 minutes it reached 46°C and drained about 30% battery.
So if you are thinking of buying this phone for gaming then it can be a good decision.

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