How and Why You Should Learn Data Structure & Algorithms?

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Data structures & Algorithms is an important thing to learn if you want to make an efficient program or if you want to get a job in google.
How and Why You Should Learn Data Structure & Algorithms?
DSA is also known as Data Structure and Algorithm. DSA is the most important thing to learn if you want to make an efficient or perfect program or if you want to get a job in companies like Google, Facebook. This article is going to introduce you to the best sources of learning 'Data Structures & Algorithms' and the benefits of learning it.

Why should you learn Data structure & Algorithms

A problem can be solved in many ways, some methods can solve that problem with difficulty and take more time and space, while another method can easily solve the same problem in less time and space. It has the following reasons for learning DSA.
  1. write optimized and scalable code

    Knowledge of DSA allows you to choose the right algorithm in which you can solve a wide variety of problems in less code.
  2. effective use of memory and time

    Having proper algorithms for your program allows you to solve various problems in less time and also allows you to write a program that takes less memory as it is used for memory optimization.
  3. Opens up huge job opportunities

    Better and effective programs are usually the result of the right algorithms, having a good knowledge of DSA opens up the possibility of getting hired in top-level companies, as many questions were asked in interviews at many IT companies including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

How to learn Data Structure & Algorithms

When it comes to learning something, I always recommend the best and free sources to learn it.
Below are some of the top and free resources for learning data structures & algorithms.
  1. Learn DSA from books

    learn DSA from books
    It is a good practice to learn DSA from books. As the books provide straightforward concepts and give you a detailed overview of programming concepts.
    Some of the best books to learn Data Structures and Algorithms are given below.
    • Introduction to Algorithms, Thomas H.corme:- This book covers DSA with in-depth explanation.
    • The art of computer programming, Donald E.knuth:- This book is best suited for those who have some knowledge about DSA and want to master it.
    • Algorithms, Robert sedwick:- This book covers all algorithms and is also used in universities and colleges to teach algorithms to students.
    • Data structure & Algorithms in java:- There are 21 chapters in this book in which they cover all the algorithms and data structure concepts. This book can be used by a person who knows the Java language. This book is also available in C/C++.
  2. Learn DSA from YouTube

    Some people don't give priority to things that are available for free, but YouTube has rich and clear lectures for data structures and algorithms absolutely free.
    Below are some of the best YouTube channels for learning DSA.
    • (language english)
    • codewithhari (Language Hindi)
    • Apna College (Language Hindi)
    • Neso Acodem (Language English)
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