Top 5 backend languages ​​of the future to learn for web development

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This will tell you about some of the best programming languages that will be beneficial in the future for backend development.
top 5 programming language for backend web development
As you already know that every website has two sides – frontend and backend. Without the backend, your website will be like a visiting card in which you can only show limited data to users yes it is true that your small website which has 1 page can exist without the backend. This article will tell you about some of the best and commonly used programming languages in backend web development and these languages will be very beneficial to build your future.

5 best backend language for web development

Almost every programming language has some built-in features or some additional frameworks and libraries to write the back end of the website. But I will tell you some of the best and future programming languages so that you can learn them to make your future.
These are the top backend web development programming languages.
  1. Python

    Python is a great language for machine learning and data science and it is also an ideal language for backend web development. It has two frameworks Django and Flask for back end web development. There are many companies like Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, etc which use Python as server-side language, because it is used by many companies, it opens lots of job opportunities so you have a bright future in it.
  2. Javascript

    JavaScript is mostly used in frontend web development but you can also use this language to write the backend of a website with the help of the node.js framework. node.js is a very fast code execution framework, it is being built on the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. Since JavaScript is the fastest-growing programming language, its future is bright and its developers have a bright future too.
    Trello, eBay, Uber, NASA, etc also use JavaScript for backend web development.
  3. Ruby

    Ruby is a more robust programming language which makes it best suited for developing business applications. It is an ongoing programming language with many new developments and has a strong user community. RubyOnRails is a Ruby framework for building the backend of a website. About 1.8 million businesses including GitHub, Airbnb, Crunchbase, Fiverr use Ruby as their backend language.
  4. php

    PHP is a well-known backend development programming language. It is easy to understand as compared to other backend languages and can help in building a robust web app. But it's a few years that a developer gets a little less salary. According to data from w3tech PHP is used by 79% of all websites, which includes well-known platforms like Facebook and WordPress. It is still the ideal language for backend development. And it is also true that PHP developers will be in high demand in the near future.
  5. Java

    Java has a large number of libraries which make Java the best language for backend development. Java can handle different independent thread requests. Since a wide number of applications are written in Java it is always in demand. You can use any framework like Spring, Hibernate, etc. to write the backend of a website. Java is used by Google, Netflix, Uber, Amazon, etc.
Many companies use different languages to perform different tasks. As some languages (take Python) can do a task in a second while another (take Java) can take up to 2 or more seconds to do the same task and in some cases, Java can do a task in a second Whereas python can take up to two or more seconds for the same task. You can learn as many languages as you want but don't forget to master a programming language first.
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