How to learn to program without a computer? I have shared my experience

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learn programming without computer
Programming is the most important thing if you have decided on your future in the IT department. and now it is also recommended to learn programming in your schools Because it makes you a good thinker and problem solver.
When I was in your position (without a computer) I was so confused about learning programming so finally, I found a proper way to learn programming without a computer.
Here I have shared my experience which I acquired while learning to program without a computer.

4 steps to learn programming without computer

All you have to do is learn programming in the best ways given below without regretting your situation (in which you can't afford a computer). Below are 4 great ways to learn programming without a computer.

  1. Select a learning source
  2. Before starting programming you need a learning source to learn to program, you can use any platform like youtube, udemy, W3Schools, etc to learn to program, some of them to test your code in There are inbuilt IDEs for Books are also great sources for learning programming. Read more

  3. Test your code
  4. You need to test your code whether it is working or not you can download a suitable code editor on your mobile to test your code. There are many great code editors available on the play store and AppStore. Try to hone your skills by practicing more with these code editors.

  5. Make money
  6. You have learned all the basics of programming and have successfully tested all your code, which means you have learned to program and got a new skill, you can use this new skill with javascript buttons, hide/show You can earn money by making small projects like menus, etc. or by teaching programming to others. You can teach programming in your locality and get paid directly or you can share your project or teach programming on online platforms like youtube facebook blogger etc. Once people like your work then you will earn money. learn more

  7. Buy a computer
  8. At this stage you have earned enough money to buy a computer for yourself, now you have a computer so what are you waiting for, take the programming quiz that is held online and use what you have learned programming to create new projects. I do. and increase your skills by practicing more it will definitely make you an expert programmer. best budget computers
If you follow the right path, you can achieve anything. I have covered all the steps to learn programming without a computer it is up to you how you will use them
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