New skins and items in Battlegrounds Mobile India attract our attention to buy UC for them but now you can get free UC to buy a royal pass.
get fee uc in battleground mobile india
Battleground Mobile India is also known as PUBG India is the most popular battle royale game in India. Battlegrounds Mobile India provides new skins for guns, vehicles and many game items, and also new suits and clothes for your in game characters but you need UC to buy these items and you need to buy UC For that money is needed. But not many budget gamers can afford uc.
ohh men why am I talking about it you are BGMI player, you already know about it.
So let's talk about how you can get free UC in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.

4 ways to get free uc in BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA

4 ways to get free uc in bgmi
UC is the most important currency in Battlegrounds Mobile India. You can buy royal passes, skins and many more new items in Battlefield Mobile India. So these are the four ways to get free UC in Battleground Mobile India.

  1. Popularity Gifts
  2. get free UC
    Popularity gifts are rewards in the game that can be used to increase the popularity of other gamers after gifting them. That's why there are many players who request you to give popularity gifts so that they can pay you UC in exchange for popularity gifts. You can find these players in world chat (in game) and social media.

  3. custom rooms and tournaments
  4. Many content creators on YouTube and other social media platforms organize tournaments or create custom rooms and invite gamers to play in their own tournaments or custom rooms. These creators give free cash or UC as a reward to the winner of the game. You can participate in this tournament or play in custom room to win matches so that you can get free UC.

  5. Google opinion reward
  6. You can create your profile on Google Opinion Rewards after filling some important information about yourself and you can take survey to get rewards. Rewards will be in form of Google Play credit which we use directly in Battlegrounds Mobile India You can buy UC.

  7. GPT websites
  8. There are many GPT (Get Paid To) websites that enable you to get free rewards and cash after taking some surveys, quizzes or watching videos. GPT websites or apps like winzo and MPL give you free cash after playing games and referring friends. You can use any platform like easy rewards, poll pay, prize rebel etc. to buy UC in Battleground Mobile India.
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