Why do we use programming languages? all about programming

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Here is the simple words about programming and programming languages
need of programming language
The world is changing and growing very fast, technologies are improving day by day. In the future, the world will be fully computerized, as you can see Elon Musk is able to connect a microchip to an ape brain via a Neuralink, and humans could settle on Mars by 2035.

What is programming language and its use

Almost all the technology is operated by computer, everywhere you can see the presence of computer like, if you want movie ticket then it will be booked by computer, if you want to send your rocket to the moon then the computer will also be used. so to do all these things by a computer you will need to give some instructions to the computer as Computers are operated by programmed instructions, Computers follow the instructions that we give them to do some work, These instructions are given by the programmer with the help of the programming language.
So basically programming language is used to give instructions to the computer, by these instructions you can automate, assemble, maintain, interpret, measure, and perform many other tasks.
There are many programming languages available, and different languages have their own advantage. before 1957 there was no programming language, all the instructions to a computer were given by assembly language. Computers do not understand given instructions directly, computers only understand 0's and 1's. The instructions we give by using programming language are converted into 0's and 1's with the help of the compiler. If we instruct the computer directly by binary digits it will take more time and more effort and it will be very hard work, to solve this problem programming languages were invented. Programming languages help users to do their work efficiently and easily.

Types of programming language

There are two types of programming languages, low level and high level programming languages. Low-level programming language which is properly understood by computers, binary/assembly languages are examples of low-level programming language, and another one is high-level programming language which is not understood by computer, high-level programming Languages are further classified into 5 types which are – procedural, functional, object-oriented, scripting and logical programming languages.

5 importance of programming language

  1. Can be used to automate things like robots and cars
  2. You can create games and other fun things using programming
  3. You can create platforms to communicate with people who are far away from you
  4. Improves cognitive thinking and skills in humans
  5. humans easily understand
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