What is Javascript? And where can I learn it? Everything you need to know about JavaScript.

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JavaScript is a high-level programming language based on ECMAScript.
What is Javascript? And where can I learn it? Everything you need to know about JavaScript.
If you are a beginner in coding then it is common to have confusion about different types of programming languages.
if you have confusion in JavaScript then don't worry this article is absolutely for you. this article will discuss JavaScript and its best learning sources.
so let's get start.

What is javascript

JavaScript is a high-level programming language based on ECMAScript. it is also a scripting language and has a .js file extension. Javascript consists prototype of object orientation. JavaScript was first developed on December 4 1925 by Brendan Eich in the Netscape company. its latest version was EcmaScript 2021 launched in 2021, in which new features were added.
JavaScript has first-class functions, dynamic typing, bracket Syntax, and objects. JavaScript is a very fast programming language that compiles and executes in seconds.
There are many frameworks and libraries are available for JavaScript. best libraries and frameworks for javaScript are given below.

javascript libraries

  1. jQuery
  2. D3.js
  3. React.js
  4. Glimmer.js

javascript frameworks

  1. Angular.Js
  2. Vue.js
  3. Ember.js
  4. Meteor.js

What is javascript used for?

JavaScript can be used on the client-side and server-side.
Javascript on the client-side allows you to interact with users while Javascript on the server-side allows you to interact with the server.
JavaScript is used as a scripting language to make web pages interactive such as you can hide or show the texts, headers, or pages by clicking on buttons and many more tasks on the Website that you can perform by using JavaScript.
You can also use JavaScript to make beautiful games.
you can easily insert JavaScript in any HTML document between <script></script> tag, you will learn more about JavaScript when you start learning it.
Example:- if you click on the menu then the link list will open, this is because of JavaScript. JavaScript is what makes your website alive.

Top 5 sources to learn javascript

JavaScript is not a very hard programming language to learn. there are many sources are available on the Internet so you can use them to learn JavaScript. I will share the top 5 sources to learn JavaScript.
  1. Youtube

    YouTube is a free and great source to learn JavaScript. many video lectures from different-different channels are available on youtube, so you can easily learn JavaScript from these channels, which is absolutely for free.
    some top channels to learn JavaScript are given below.
    • Freecodecamp.org
    • clever programmer
    • code with harry
    • programming with mosh
    • edureka
    • simplilearn
    • Thapa technical
    • tech gun
  2. Books

    Books are a great source for learning JavaScript. if you are a self-learner and can learn JavaScript with books then you should use books to learn JavaScript because books explain everything very clearly.
    many books are available to learn javascript. some top books from them are given below to learn javascript.
    • Eloquent javascript: A modern introduction to programming by marjin haverbeke
    • Javascript: the good part by douglas crockford
    • javascript and jquery by john duckett
    • javascript and jquery: interactive front and webdev by david sawyer mc forland
    • Head first javascript by elisabeth freeman & Eric freeman
  3. Documentations

    Documentations are also a great source for learning javascript. There are many websites available that help you to learn javascript.
    You can learn javascript with documentations.
    these are top websites to learn javascript.
    • w3schools.com
    • developer.Mozilla.org
    • javascript. Info
    • tutorialspoint.com
    • learn-js.org
    • javascripttutorial.net
    • javapoint.com
    • documentation. Js.org
  4. Websites

    There are many websites available that contain paid courses. These paid courses will teach you javascript with the help of video lectures and documentations.
    These are top paid websites to learn javascript.
    • Udemy
    • coursera
    • codeacademy
    • simplilearn
    • udacity
    • skillshare
  5. Apps

    Javascript can be learn from mobile apps. There are many paid and free mobile apps are available, where you can learn javascript.
    • sololearn
    • Encode
    • Codemurai
    • Mimo
    • Grasshopper

You need to do a lot of practice to learn JavaScript. practice helps you to remember codes and the ways of writing code and also you can improve your skills to solve problems.

Is java and javascript same?

This is the most common question that comes in almost every beginner. JavaScript and Java are different languages. JavaScript is based on ECMAScript while Java is a fully object-oriented programming language.
yes, it is true that JavaScript is named by inspiring from Java because Java was a very popular programming language at that time. but the working and documentation of Java and JavaScript are very different from each other.
Hope you have enjoyed this article and got all the information about JavaScript including its learning sources. You have to choose one source to learn that is best suited for you, if you try to learn from multiple places then you will get confused. and make sure to solve a lot of problems after learning each chapter, you can find a lot of problems by searching it on the internet.
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