What is CSS? And why do we need CSS? about the css

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Imagine a world without colors, it doesn't look so beautiful. when you add color to it. It will look very beautiful. That's why CSS was created.
What is CSS? And why do we need CSS? about the css
This article is absolutely for beginners, who want to know about CSS and want to learn it. I'll cover a brief overview of CSS, sources to learn CSS and the best way to learn CSS.
Imagine a world without colors, it wouldn't look so beautiful. when you add color to it. It will look very beautiful. This is what CSS does for a website.

What is CSS? And what is CSS used for?

CSS is a stylesheet language that stands for Cascading Style Sheets.
CSS is used to decorate documents or websites written in an XML-based markup language such as HTML. It allows decorating colors, fonts, layouts, etc., and allows pages to be responsive to different screen sizes, such as on mobile tablet computers.
CSS is supported by all browsers.

Best Sources to Learn CSS

CSS is not as difficult as a programming language, you can learn it easily with little effort. Before learning CSS, you should have very little knowledge of XML-based markup languages such as HTML.
Here are some of the top sources for learning CSS.

  1. w3schools
  2. This is a website where you can learn CSS from start to finish. Here you can also test your code and lots of exercises are also given for practice.

  3. web.dev
  4. This is a developer website where you can learn CSS from scratch to advance. here exercises are provided to make practice and a lot of brief explanations about CSS are also available.

  5. video lectures
  6. Video lectures can be a great learning source for beginners. There are many video lectures are available on the internet to learn CSS.
    These are some of the top YouTube channels to learn CSS
    • freecodecamp.org (english tutorial)
    • code with harry (hindi tutorials)
    • Tech gun (hindi tutorials)
    • dev Ed( CSS Tips & tricks)
    • Online tutorials(CSS Projects)

  7. Books
  8. Books can be a great source for better understanding.
    These are some top books given below to learn CSS.
    • HTML & CSS Book
    • headfirst HTML & CSS
    • A smart way to learn html & css
    • Get Coding
    • Learning web design
    • HTML, CSS & Javascript All in one
    • visual quick start guide html & css 8th edition
    • Responsive web design with html & css
    • HTML & css by david durocher
    • HTML5 & CSS3 All in one for dummies

Best way to learn CSS

The best strategy can make it possible to learn anything. You can learn CSS very easily if you follow the strategy given below.
Use video lectures to learn CSS fast, there are many videos available absolutely free on YouTube, some of the top channels are mentioned above. otherwise, you can use books for better understanding.
After finishing the video lectures or chapters of books, you will have to practice a lot to store CSS in your mind.
Tip :- Read the css references (on w3schools) or cheat sheets after you finish the books or video lectures for revision.
After completing your book or video lecture you have to work on the project, if you face a problem in the project then find a solution on the internet.
hope you enjoy this article Now it's up to you to learn CSS yourself. If you still have any questions please comment on them. If you found this article helpful and want to help others, then spread it on social media.
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